This is supposed to be the Frequently Asked Questions section, but I am only ever asked the same questions on a regular basis. This will save you a lot of time emailing me, but email me anyway because it makes me feel important.

1. What’s with you and the squirrels?

I dig squirrels. Mainly a black squirrel that lived in my old backyard and ate the bread I threw into my yard.

Meet Napoleon. (We have since moved, but he lives on in my heart.)

And comes back.

He’s a squirrel genius and possibly a ninja. In training. My goal is to get him (or any squirrel really) to sit in a basket on my bicycle while we ride around town at the Farmer’s Market and stuff.

2. Is Zakary your real name?

Yes. And my parents did not want a boy. Just probably a nicer girl that doesn’t swear so much and has a better career plan.

3.  Where do you live? Can I send you something?

We currently live in Colorado. You can send me stuff, but only after I google you to make sure you are legit.