Happy Day After Mother’s Day

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So, this is happening right now and breaking records because it is SNOWING IN MUTHAEFFING MAY.


I don’t want to talk about it.

Let’s talk about the gift that my son made me in his Kindy class. I mean, shut up.


It was also accompanied by a questionnaire AKA Every Mother’s Biggest Fear.


My Mom’s name is: Zakery (so close, but most of the general population spells it wrong so he gets a pass)

She is pretty tall she is 51 feet tall and 20 inches

She probably weighs 100 pounds (HE’S MY FAVORITE)

She likes to watch Dancing With The Stars (preach)

She has a favorite drink, she likes to drink Coke (this was a trick question and he has my back)

Her favorite thing to wear is jeans

My Mom is really good at working

I love my Mom when she is playing

My favorite thing to do with my mom is eat

During the day my Mom usually wakes up (during the day)

And that’s a drawing of me about to board the Discovery shuttle to go into space, but changing my mind at the last minute. Probably so I can go grab a Coke and eat.

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