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How To Have A Freak Out In Five Easy Steps

posted by on 04/09/2014

1. Go for a hike, perpetually minding your own buisness.

2. Notice something lying about twelve feet off of the trail that looks like it is of the human skeletal variety.

3. Debate internally about whether you need to be involved and/or if the Witness Protection Program takes requests (I’m thinking somewhere tropical) while you work up the courage for like five minutes to walk up to said discovery.

4. Die forty times because the foot bone is decidedly not connected to the leg bone.

5. Realize that shit is straight up plastic and breathe a sigh of relief that you did not hike all up on a legit crime scene.



Tailor Made Whiteboards + A Giveaway

posted by on 04/07/2014

I use our fridge as command central. My high tech, fancy system features taping random pieces of paper to the front with washi tape and using various magnets to hang a chore chart.


I was contacted by Tailor Made Whiteboards, a local company out of Arvada, CO, and they asked if they could send over their product and I think I emailed back and said yes before I even finished reading the complete email because I already knew it would be perfect for my sad command center.


Here’s the deal: Tailor Made produces beautiful home whiteboards, including Calendars, Menu Planners, and Chore Boards, that are not the standard whiteboard you will find at big-box office supply stores. They have several one-of-a-kind designs that they create with the help of a local Colorado artist, and all the designs can be customized and personalized because they make all products in-house at their Arvada, Colorado location.

I chose the Changeable Walnut frame with the Chalkboard Free Form insert in 12×18, I thought this would be good for a general to-do list.


I also picked up the Harmony Chore Board personalized insert and the Chalkboard Menu insert. With the personalized option, you can upload one of your favorite photos to add to the insert. It was super easy and the quality of the printed uploaded image is excellent. I chose one of the children so they are clear on the fact just who exactly the chore chart belongs to.


Tailor Made invented a Quick Change frame that allows the graphic to be changed quickly and easily – you simply slide one side of the wood frame out, slide out the front panel and graphic, then put in a new graphic and put it back together. This allows you to change the look or the function of the product over time without buying a new board. All of the company’s products are guaranteed to wipe clean and remain stain-free over many years of use. You don’t actually write on the graphic panel, you write on the clear writing surface with dry erase markers or chalk markers.

It is super simple to change out the graphic panel, you just take out two tiny little screws.


With both hands, simply detach the removable side of the frame, it happens to be at the top of my 12×18 frame.


Slide out the writing surface as well as the artwork design, and replace with the new design of your choice.


You then reattach the removable panel and you are in business.


I hung the whiteboard on the front of our fridge with a bunch of Command velcro strips, it seriously isn’t going anywhere and I LOVE it. I also hung a burlap memo board for maximum refrigerator efficiency.

Tailor Made

However some people that live here and are on the fence about their chores and the fancy whiteboard isn’t making them feel any better. He does like using the dry erase marker, so I am predicting he will warm up to the idea.


Tailor Made Whiteboards is graciously giving one of my readers a Tailor Made Whiteboard online gift card valued at $89.95 including free shipping, which covers the cost of one large personalized whiteboard with a Quick Change frame.

You can enter the giveaway through Rafflecopter below, simply follow the prompts. The giveaway will close Monday April 14th at midnight MST and I will use to select the lucky winner.

Good luck!

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