DIY Felt Ball Garland

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A few years ago I coveted the felt ball garland that Anthro had draped all over everything in store during the holidays. And then I discovered it was $60 for six measly feet. Ain’t nobody (here) can afford that.

So I decide to make my own, let’s discuss.

Felt Ball Garland

To make your very own felt ball garland, you will need:

Felt Balls
A heavy duty needle (I think the one I used was a tapestry needle)
Some sort of thread (I used beading thread because I had it)


I purchased 2 cm wool felt balls from HandBEGH Felts. They are $20 for a 60 pack and they offer free shipping. I purchased the Fiesta pack because I’m a sucker for colors like Clementine, Emerald, Apple, Poinsettia, and Sunshine.

Thread your needle and go to work. I used 12 feet of string per one pack of balls. I did not tie them off after each ball because I know my crafting limits and that would send me over the edge. The balls actually stay in place without it, the only time I really need to slide them around is when I take the garland out of storage. I alternated colors, but I didn’t stick to any pattern. I’m a loose, garland making cannon.


I thought about making the felt balls myself and HAHAHA. These are handmade using a wet-felting technique with wool roving and not yarn and I think they are an excellent price. I started this garland two years ago and it has held up beautifully. So far I’ve put together 36 feet of garland and I just read that the Internet recommends nine feet of garland per every one foot of tree. I will keep adding to it until I’m at a good length, as our Christmas tree is usually in the six to seven foot range.


I hang the garland on the tree after the ornaments are up, but don’t let me boss you. You do you.

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