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1-1-0, What’s Your Emergency?

posted by on 11/26/2013

Me: What would you do if I fell down and you couldn’t wake me up?

Troy: I would call 1-1-0.

Me: 1-1-0? No, you call 9-1-1. Do you know what to say when they answer?

Troy: I will say I need to talk to 1-1-0.

mom and troy

I seriously walked right into that one.


To Review

posted by on 11/21/2013

It’s been awhile, let’s talk about some things.

On Monday, the Internet went out in my neighborhood for about 10 hours. This normally wouldn’t have bothered me except hello, I work from home on the Internet. I also had three bills to pay and two important things to research, meaning type shit into google until I have answers. I ended up going to a diner and while I was there working, the woman behind me found jalapenos in her pancake.

I know. Take it all in. I’ll wait.

It was fascinating and probably a sign that I should get out more. She was pissed with a capital P because she ate a bite and it kind of gagged her (sad face). She exchanged her pepper pancakes for a slice of toast.

Zoe has outgrown pretty much everything and everyone and I took her shopping this weekend. She showed me this and I died. On the spot.


It was the last one and she used her own money and bought it. It is technically hers, but she said we could share. So young, so naive.

This is happening and I’m not even mad.


Snow. I really want to bust out the Christmas decorations and craft and send cards, but I will respect the turkey. I highly recommend my new snow boots. They are Sorel Tivolis and they are kind of pricey (for me), but I had my last fugly snow boots for ten years, so I feel okay with the cost. Walking around with cold feet is hardly conducive to my healthy mental state.

I bought this:


It’s weird and I don’t know what my feelings are towards it yet, kind of like I can’t explain my feelings towards One Direction. The creamer burns your throat, but not too much. The longer your coffee sits, the hotter it gets. It is sort of like drinking schnapps? Maybe? I’m thinking there are some things that shouldn’t have “heat”, like coffee and probably pancakes.