Homemade Stain Remover

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When I can’t get stains out of our clothes, I take it personally. It makes me feel like a failure and that’s why I have been trying out various concoctions of homemade stain remover. Because I like success, winning, and mostly the glory.


Except when I ran out of the laundry room waving my spray bottle around and saying, “I think this is the one!”, everyone that lives here looked at me like NO ONE CURR.

And you probably don’t care either, but this is my blog and today I’m talking about the war on stains. I never had stains on my clothes and then I had kids. Now my clothes/car/house is just one big stain.

My homemade stain remover has three ingredients: vegetable glycerine, castile soap, and regular 3% hydrogen peroxide.


Get ready for the super scientific recipe: it’s one part glycerine, one part soap, and two parts hydrogen peroxide. Put it into a spray bottle, shake, and go to town all over those stains.

That’s right, I can remove just about any stain these fools run at me with. Ink pen? No problem. Grass stains? Bring it. Dirt? Blood? Out of here. Squished blackberry (the fruit, not the phone) that your five year old lovingly wiped onto your white jeans?


A distant memory.


This stain remover does work on colored fabrics and I had no problem with it lightening the fabrics. I even used it to spot clean our carpet. I feel pretty good about using this too, it’s pretty green as stain removers go. The internet told me that hydrogen peroxide has the same chemical make up as water but with an extra oxygen atom and this means it breaks down harmlessly into oxygen and water. The glycerine is a naturally sourced ingredient and acts as a binding agent so that the water and soap do not separate, therefore really showing the stain what’s up. (<—-straight science talk)

Do not add vinegar to this instead of the hydrogen peroxide because it will curdle and make a weird glycerine/soap paste. Ask me how I know.

I’ve basically done all the stain leg work for you.


I’ve been using this with my Homemade Laundry Detergent and glory days, you guys. GLORY DAYS.

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