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Locker Decorating Design Star Of Colorado

posted by on 08/28/2013

Did you guys know that locker decorating is a real and very serious thing in 7th grade? If you knew this, you are way ahead of me because when I was in 7th grade, I had a picture of Michael Jordan in my locker that I probably ripped out of Sports Illustrated and GOOD ENOUGH.

Locker decorating in 2013 is cutthroat: shelves, rugs, chandeliers, boas, dry erase boards, mirrors, wallpaper and I had NO idea. Why in the fresh hell would you need a rug in your locker? Or a chandelier? 7th grade was making me need a nap and school hadn’t even started.

We showed up a few days before school began to drop off supplies. As we walked down the hall to Zoe’s locker, I noticed it looked like an episode of Design Star. Moms and daughters were decorating the bejezus out of their lockers and I looked at Zoe and said, “I had NO idea”. She hissed back, “YOU never decorated lockers when you were growing up?”

No, no we did not. We were to busy trying to see the grainy gray screen of our Gameboy that ran on batteries that did not come with a charger while wearing our button fly boot cut jeans and storing our books in our locker that contained one measily picture of Michael Jordan after we walked uphill in the snow to school.

I promised Zoe that I would get some locker decorating supplies as soon as I figured out what that actually was.

Now the day I wallpaper a goddamn locker is the day I have to sit down and ask myself where things went wrong with my life, but Zoe really wanted “a pop of color” on the inside of her locker (shoot me now). After a brief locker decorating brainstorm session (with myself) within the aisles of Michael’s, I decided on washi tape. Don’t forget the 40% off coupon.


I hit up Target Dollar Spot because money is totally an object when it comes to decorating a gd school locker. I found two magnetic clips, a mirror, and the magnetic pen/glucose gel holder. She doesn’t have a rug (I mean, WHY), but I think we did alright.


She has a bottom locker and is the tallest person in 7th grade. WTH, school?


I made the Z magnet, it is as crafty as she would let me get. Good call on her part because god knows crafts can go south around here right quick.

I’m not going to lie, I didn’t completely hate the Locker Decorating Design Challenge and I might have been a little too into the washi tape. Here’s Zoe reaction when I asked if I could run just a few more strips of the washi tape horizontally down the back of the locker.


I’m not entirely sure, but I think she was saying “You need to step away from the tape”. Totally paraphrasing here.


And Boom: Kindergarten.

posted by on 08/23/2013

Did you guys know that kids grow up? It’s true. Mine went and grew up on me today even though I was all la-la-la-la-I-can’t-hear-you about it.

My little baby started Kindergarten today.


I really wanted him to wear a bowtie to school so his teacher would know that he was a serious student and he was all, “Uh, no way”. When we were back to school shopping on Tuesday (<—browsing the clearance racks in the boy’s department), Troy found this shirt and thought it was hilarious and he said all singsong-y, “You wanted me to wear a bowtie!” and threw it in our cart.

I read somewhere last week that up until our kids go to school, everything they know they have learned from their parents. I really, really wish I had read that say oh, 13 years ago, but I immediately thought, “Damn, I only have a week to get this kid right”. Or more importantly, myself right. I mean, he can read, write some, still hates coloring and crafts, but what if he goes to Kindergarten and talks about the importance of hashtags and how he appreciates a full bodied Pinot?

So yesterday, during our special Mom and Troy day that consisted of mini golf and batting cages, Troy and I sat down and had a discussion over a banana split. I told him that he was going to start Kindergarten and it wasn’t important to me if he is the fastest runner, the best speller, or has perfect attendance. All I really want is for him is to try, to believe in himself, and to be kind.

M+T 1st day of school

And he looked at me and said, “Can I still be an astronaut?”

Because even astronauts go to Kindergarten.


Shoot for the moon, my sweet boy, and always keep reaching for the stars.