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I Can’t Even Think Of A Title Because EXCITED

posted by on 06/28/2013

Remember that time we were evacuated and UPS was scheduled to bring a super important package that required a signature but then they suspended delivery in our area and no one could find the said package?

Except J went to work and found it because he takes packages and their final destination super seriously.

Or he went to work and found it because they are billing our insurance and Zoe needs a functioning pancreas.


Zoe cried when we opened it, she’s just so tired of shots. And then I cried because she cried and we probably looked straight crazy crying over a cardboard box and a hunk of plastic that looks like a pager.


We are attending a four hour Insulin Pump 101 class later today and my brain is already terrified at the overload of information we are about to receive. But this? Diabetes Gamechanger.


Deep In The Heart Of Western Texas

posted by on 06/27/2013

Or more specifically “Deep In The Heart Of Lubbock, Texas” because that’s where I just spent four days.

I drove my mother and the kids and the dog 500 miles south to see my mom’s aunt and uncle and family and it was a thrill a minute, let me tell you.

On the way down to Texas, we stopped in New Mexico because Troy heard there was a volcano. I argued with him about this, but apparently Google doesn’t lie and I’ll be damned if there isn’t a volcano in New Mexico.


You can visit the Volcano Visitor Center and fork over $5 to drive up to the top of the volcano. My mother had some sort of Senior Citizen get in free parks pass, so we paid nothing. I spent approximately $28 on volcano related merchandise in the gift shop, so my money saving celebration was short lived.

Troy was thrilled, I mean he said, “MOM, TAKE MY PICTURE”. That’s a dead giveaway.


We drove to the top and then the kids and I walked a half a mile into the center.


Here’s the information that was on the sign behind the kids, Troy told me to take a picture! because it is full of volcanic information.


So scenic in a use your imagination kind of way.


Zoe left us and said she was going back up to the top because she couldn’t get a signal on her phone. I then spent five minutes arguing with Troy because I told him he could not walk on the “central vent” (see that large pile of rocks lava) and then he told me he didn’t ever want a mother. Clearly volcano tours bring out nothing but compassion in my children.


New Mexico: It was the best of times, it was the you know the rest.


After almost running out of gas in Amarillo and driving through a dust storm and then a ridiculously scary lightening storm, we made it to Lubbock.

It was very nice to see my relatives. And not so nice to see the bullshit snake in their flowerbed.



The snake was trying to eat a frog and I guess this snake has been in my aunt’s garden and so she took care of it and the frog went free and hopped away and I had no control over this (please don’t send me hate mail) and then Troy PICKED IT UP.


After I had ten heart attacks and washed Troy’s hands 50 times, we went to The Science Spectrum because we are all about learning and it was inside where no one could step on a snake.


Do you see how happy his face is? He’s standing in front of the Titan rocket engine. Snakes and space all in one day? Troy is a huge fan of Texas.


On the way home, we stopped at The Big Texan because it is a family tradition.


And for Texas themed photo ops.


We had dessert at Braum’s. This is the ice cream I grew up eating and I think it is the best ever. Attention Braum’s: Please come to Colorado, kthx. I apologize for the lame photo, I snapped it in the parking lot to text to my sister and rub it in her face that I was about to have delicious ice cream and she wasn’t because caring and thoughtful.


The ride home went much smoother and someone only dropped their sucker on the dog once.


Viva la Texas.