We Like Smiling, Smiling’s Our Favorite (Not Really)

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Our last decent family photo was taken last year when we were on summer vacation. It was the day before we were scheduled to go home from the beach and I got kinda panicky because one of my main goals was to get a shot of the four of us. In a frantic search on Craigslist, I managed to find a local photographer that met us on the beach for $50 and seemed like he wouldn’t murder us.

He was with us for 30 minutes and two weeks later, he sent me 11 perfect images from the 987 he shot that day.

Needless to say, my sights were set so very low on Thanksgiving Day when I coerced every one onto the back deck to attempt a shot for this year’s holiday card.

Armed with my tripod and the shutter remote to my camera, I was met with so much resistance that one would think I was proposing they stand in feces while I force fed them egg salad (the sickest food ever invented).

I took 160 shots and ended up with some gems.

I actually adore this first photo, the backlighting on my hair makes me look like an angel, but Zoe said that wasn’t fair.


I have no idea what happened here, but the railing obviously wanted in on the action.


Great framing. Also, J is leaning up against the railing (because standing upright for photos is exhausting) and I look like an amazon (with gorgeous backlit hair).


Seriously, J is taller than me, I swear. Also, poor Troy.


I almost used this one.


Here Zoe is holding the remote and “not pushing anything”, just like I asked.


Here Zoe has her remote holding privileges revoked.


It’s obvious Troy prefers me, please note the right hook he is delivering to J’s midsection.


And my personal favorite of the day:


Clearly this was the longest ten minutes of our lives. And then I went inside and made everyone egg salad.

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