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Dear Internet,

HRU?  I am sorry I haven’t been in touch regularly this summer, I have had so much going on IRL you wouldn’t believe it, LOL!!!:D. My mom said I needed to get over it and how hard is it to write your friends, so here goes.

So as you know, we were going to buy a house and move. Well, we had the inspection done and it isn’t looking good, guys. Things like leaking gas, busted ass furnace, MOLD, and y’all, the sellers don’t want to fix jack. BM&Y, we are FREAKING OUT, OMG. :-O

And then Internet, my MIL showed up for a few days. She’s totally cool, but she brought a TON of j-u-n-k with her because she’s moving to Thailand. You should see the gingerbread d!ldo she gave me :*>, srsly, you aren’t going to believe it TMOT! I swear I will send photos ASAP!!!

Oh, I forgot to tell you I got a new dress. I bought it with my allowance that I saved from bartending and then I saw a photo of SJP wearing the exact same thing, DYING!!! I would kill for her hair, she was so awesome in GJWHF.:P



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