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Not Pictured: My Face.

posted by on 06/29/2011

Coffee on my deck in the morning helps my attitude.


[Photo by Zoe, she likes my skirt.]


Thai Slaw. Let’s Celebrate America’s Independence And Enjoy Asian Flavors.

posted by on 06/29/2011

Since we are so asian up in here, we can’t be bothered with regular coleslaw.  So I made up a Thai slaw recipe.

By made up, I mean I used this:

thai mayo

Thai mayo equals game changer.  It makes you want to slap an asian, it is that good.  (Disclaimer:  DO NOT SLAP AN ASIAN EVER, OMGHOWDAREYOU.)  Here’s my famous (in our house) slaw recipe.  You should probably make it this weekend and amaze your friends.

ZDub’s In Your Face Thai Slaw

1 bag of shredded cabbage slaw mix

2 TB chopped cilantro

1/4 cup white people mayo

1/4 Thai mayo (holla)

2 TB rice wine vinegar (or white wine vinegar, go white folks)

1 TB toasted sesame seed oil

Juice from one lime

2 whole dried thai chili peppers, crushed (more if you like asian fire inside your mouth)

1 TB toasted sesame seeds

Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste


1.  Dump cabbage into large bowl.

2.  In a separate bowl, whisk together remaining ingredients and pour over cabbage.  Mix.  Top with toasted sesame seeds.

3.  Eat the shit out of it.

thai cole slaw

Happy Summer.

Go Asians.