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Happy Goodbye To 2010.

posted by on 12/31/2010

2010 has been a total ride. How is it possible this year is over, right? We had some laughs and more laughs and some other stuff that wasn’t laughing. We made friends with a possible chupacabra and he is now like the most famous squirrel on the internet. We learned about science and we took a trip and another trip, but the best time was when we were just home doing what we do.


So happy goodbye to 2010, it’s been, um, yeah.


Here’s to less hospital visits, more squirrel sightings and as always, plenty of wine.

Happy New Year,


Enjoy This Recycled Post Because I’m On Break.

posted by on 12/29/2010

I hope everyone has recovered from the holidays, I haven’t. I might need to add on an east wing to accommodate all the new toys my children received (side eye to my sister and my mother). We had a lovely time, eating and drinking and eating and napping and eating and good news, no one needed band-aids. Also, check this out over here for a chance to win $100. Spoiler alert: I wrote about sausage bagels.

He Needs To Learn To Crawl.  And Fast.

This is what happens when you mother is trying to pay bills (read and you and your sister are “playing” together.  He didn’t seem to mind.  I think he looks kinda cute.  I asked Zoe why she did it and she shrugged and said, “I like stickers.”  Duh.

|Originally posted March 2008, Baby T was four months old.|