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Rocket Man

posted by on 05/27/2010

Yesterday my mother and I decided to take Troy to watch the Thunderbirds, the Air Force’s official air demonstration team. They put on a show at the Air Force Academy, which is just south of here. (You can see the Academy in the bottom right hand corner of my photo.)


1,001 cadets graduated and that’s why the Thunderbirds were there. I wish the Thunderbirds would have been at my graduation, nothing cool like that happened to me when I got my diploma. I mean, Zoe spilled her juice on me and we ate at Red Robin, but I would rather have had the jets.


Troy fell asleep in the car on the way over and I made my mom wake him up so he could see the show. He watched the “rocket ships” for approximately 43 seconds and then spent the rest of the time looking for Buzz and Woody under the cones and yelling “SHOW-TORY!” (Toy Story).

Like Toy Story

Troy’s future in aviation appears very dim at this point, but we always have next year.


Let’s Gather Around The Chimpanzee And Roast Some Lens Caps

posted by on 05/24/2010

It finally stopped snowing and all of a sudden, it’s 75 degrees.

It’s summer.

When I was a kid, summer meant bare feet, BBQ and no school. Summer was the best.

It still is.

roasting marshmallow

Not pictured: One toddler who had to go to bed because he kept trying to throw random objects into the chiminea. Like my LENS CAP.

Also, spell check keeps trying to change chiminea into chimpanzee. To clarify, we do not own a chimpanzee. Yet.