Eye Of The Liger

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When I was seven or eight years old, we made key chains for our parents in class. These were the old school key chains, like the huge plastic circles that looked like a coaster with our “artwork” sealed inside. Since my twin sister was also in the same class, we had a meeting of the minds and decided she would make hers for our mother and I would make mine for our dad. I know we worked on those bad boys all afternoon, our instructor probably keeping us occupied so she could gossip and chain smoke in the teacher’s lounge.

I don’t think my dad ever carried his hot mess of a coaster key chain, but he always kept it in his nightstand. I think my mother threw my sister’s away, so that sucks for her. You know, not being the favorite and not having any artistic talent.

I have a curio cabinet in my hallway that is full of Zoe’s creations. My favorite is probably the deformed tea pot rice bowl she made me in Kindergarten because “we totally eat a lot of rice”. So when Zoe mentioned that they were learning about pottery in art class and that she made me something, I was excited to see what she came up with.

She made me a mug that “matches our dishes“.


Decorated with a liger.

liger mug

That is really small.

normal mug/liger mug

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go have some coffee.

Two ounces at a time.


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