Pretty Okay

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I haven’t written here in nine months, but I’m here and I’m back even though I never really went anywhere, maybe on a creative hiatus. I have wanted to pop back in so many times, but then I would struggle with how to do that. Blogging about blogging is the absolute worst, but I am super duper sorry I ghosted this space here, this corner of inherent ridiculousness that is my life. I truly love writing, said the girl that couldn’t get it together and hit Publish for the last 270 days.

So hi. I’ve missed you all.

Top Five Reasons I Haven’t Blogged

5. I can no longer tolerate gluten and I’ve been super busy avoiding wheat and figuring out what I can and can no longer eat (by eat I mean drink).


4. I was very busy training for the Rocky Mountain State Games where I competed in Air Hockey (by training I mean I just showed up at the mall where the tournament was held and played like 22 matches and got 4th place).


3. I have been outside a lot because it finally stopped snowing and will probably start snowing here in like two weeks (by being outside I mean taking a lot of inspirational sunset photos).


2. I got divorced (by divorced I mean it is the longest, not pretty story ever and it wasn’t my idea and I am going to tell the story anyway because this is my goddamn blog, I just won’t tell it today). Since I am a firm believer that photos really help tell a story, please enjoy this one of my totaled truck from when I got hit damn near head on in February (everyone was fine), I feel like it best represents the past nine months two years and divorce in general.  


1. I really needed time to collect myself and be there for my kids and we are doing pretty okay which is much better than awhile back when we were pretty not okay. Basically 2015 got me like:


It’s good to be back. xx.

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