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Taekwon-You Don’t Know Me

posted by on 10/13/2014

I signed Troy up for Taekwondo last week because god knows we could use some character skills around here. His first class is today after school and I decided to look over the papers that I received when we enrolled.

By look over, I mean finally get them out of the truck where they have been since last Thursday.

I thought I was ahead of the game because I did manage to wash his uniform this morning. This means I dumped the contents of the bag they gave us into the washer at 7 a.m. and I even remembered to partially dry it on Wrinkle Control and take it out and hang it up when I heard the dryer buzzer.

So, I was looking over the papers and was trying to decipher how to tie the belt and noticed the fine print.


Or the print in size 16 font because Troy’s mother just washed his belt.


My name is Zakary and I’m failing at martial arts laundry.


Gnome Garden Update

posted by on 10/07/2014

Let’s revisit the gnome garden because you guys, I didn’t kill it. Well, I killed like two plants but I had help because Troy was watering it every time he went outside.

It started out back in May looking so full of promise.


And now here we are after being lightly snowed on last month.


We added a gnome house that Troy found from a gnome garden speciality shop (haha just kidding it was Amazon) and I made the Welcome sign. By “made”, I mean I took a Sharpie and wrote on a piece of wood I found in my flower bed.


Not to be outdone, Troy took the Sharpie and wrote on a rock and made a gravestone.


There was apparently a gnome casualty, one of Jerry’s friends had an accident and I’m not sure of the specifics.