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Is This Thing On?

posted by on 08/04/2014

Oh hey. Let’s just pretend I haven’t take almost three weeks off from blogging. I know some people are good at balance and working and the house and kids and dinner and these people also find time to exercise and have a conversation with their spouse that consists of more than text messages, but I am not one of those people. I can feed my kids and finish up work before midnight, but exercise and laundry and scrubbing toilets goes out the window as I text my husband and say what’s up and ask what time he’s going to be home because chances are I will be asleep or working on a spreadsheet or sometimes both.

So work got crazy busy, I went to California, and I also had a birthday and turned 38 (GROSS).

Despite the fact that I was traveling, I had an amazing day. I got the best birthday card ever in the history of the world. Seriously if I was going to design a card it would look just like this.


My awesome friend/coworker gave me the most badass gifts I could ever hope for.


I made it out for a quick birthday lunch that involved birthday beers.


Later that night, my birthday exponentially increased in awesomeness when Rev Run showed up, no big deal. Just one of the founding fathers of hip hop.


Not bad for a Saturday night in San Jose.

I am truly convinced that you always need cake and candles on your birthday (it lessens the blow of aging), we set out to find a slice of chocolate cake. We found one right down the street from the hotel and it was delicious.


Happy Birthday also to Whore Pit Viper, I’m sorry you had to copy me and have the same birthday and I hope you had cake.