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posted by on 08/29/2014 | 7 comments (leave one of your own)

The kids went back to school and you guys, it’s on.

For the first time in almost 14 years, I’m home alone by myself like Macaulay Culkin. Except no one is trying to burglarize the house and I’m old enough to day drink.

Troy was born when Zoe was in the first semester of 1st grade, so I had a few months home alone back then, but I don’t really count that because I was huge pregnant and spent most of the days back then alone eating every 15 minutes and waddling all over town going to yoga (because back problems) and midwife appointments and updating my MySpace page.

That also seems like it was yesterday, but boom, I have suddenly have a 1st grader and an 8th grader.

Zoe goes to middle school at dark thirty o’clock while Troy is still sleeping, so I requested a photo of the two of them together after the first day of school had let out because I want to document this glorious moment in our lives. (Mostly my life.) I thought I might be a tiny bit sad that the house was going to be empty during the day, but I checked the district calendar and I have plenty of breaks throughout the school year to look forward to the non-stop arguing and tattling.

Here’s the first photo, such cooperation.


Second photo, I asked if Troy could stop trying to smash ants and told Zoe she could not leave and that I would not just photoshop them together.


Third photo, GOOD ENOUGH.


With all my free time lately, I’ve managed to keep my house clean and organize LEGOS into bins.



  • Koreen

    Awesome! Back to school is making me nervous… for my third-grader. As for me… well, I’m old enough to day drink too.

    Where did you get those bins for lego sorting? That would make my home-alone days go faster… sorting lego. Because lego.
    Koreen recently posted..Jump!My Profile

  • Kitten Thunder's Girl

    “Sorting” Legos. Mmmmhmmm.
    Kitten Thunder’s Girl recently posted..A Really Gross StoryMy Profile

  • Catherine

    Yup, my back to school plans are looking like ‘clean out sports gear cupboard’ or ‘clean out pantry’. Ah, the glamour….
    Catherine recently posted..Hump Day Colour InspirationMy Profile

  • Ami

    We homeschool and so I am never alone. NEVER. Even when I pee. So I am just going to live vicariously through you and attempt not to turn green with envy.
    Ami recently posted..Fighting off the common cold (with books.)My Profile

  • Elaine A.

    Will you please come organize our Legos? Warning: There are a million.

  • tara

    That sounds amazing. I hope you were day drinking while you were organizing said Legos.
    tara recently posted..we’re moving! or somethingMy Profile

  • LeslieB

    the biggest thing I took away from the picture sequence is how Zoe is rocking some AWESOME hair layers. she is bringing her A game to 8th grade

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