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And Today He Left His Backpack At Home

posted by on 06/10/2014

I dropped Troy off at Vacation Bible School yesterday morning and then went home and promptly took a 30 minute nap. I forgot how hard it is to parent one child without another child to run interference and I had only one child for almost seven years.

In other words, I really miss my favorite (works for free) nanny (his sister).

When I picked Troy up from VBS, I unpacked his backpack and ran across this:


I asked him why he took a toy grenade that makes very real TICKING NOISES, a nerf zombie foam projectile, and two votive candles to church OMG please tell me no one noticed and he said, “Those aren’t votive candles, they are sticks of dynamite because you just never know what might come up”.


Check Out Our Gnome Garden

posted by on 06/03/2014

I decided that we needed a gnome garden, you know, for the “kids”.


I used an old planter that I have had forever. We filled it up with top soil and potting soil and used four small plants that I picked up at Home Depot for $3 a piece. Troy was in charge of the rocks.


He was instructed to make a pathway for the gnomes, but he thought it needed to be completely covered with gravel so they wouldn’t get their feet dirty. #thoughtful


I found all of our gnome supplies at Hobby Lobby for half off. Here’s a photo of the empty packaging because Troy opened all of it to configure the garden layout before I could grab a photo. Configure the garden layout is code for “stack all the pieces up and pretend you are playing Minecraft”.


We have a birdbath, some flowers, some bees, a few frogs, blocks that look like Minecraft, topiaries, buckets, and I ordered the little red toadstools from Etsy because I didn’t want to disappoint our gnome that Troy named Jerry.


I still think it needs a bridge and a welcome sign, but this is a work in progress. Jerry’s house wasn’t built in a day.