Happy Musical Halloween Theatre

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I have no problem giving away clothes or the crib when my kids outgrow them (HAHAHA like my kids ever slept in a crib), but getting rid of their Halloween costumes? I can’t do it.

It cuts like a knife. And Bryan Adams lied because I tried to donate Zoe’s Hello Kitty costume she wore when she was three and I had to dig it out of the bag in the Goodwill car drop off donate lane. It does not feel alright, Bryan Adams.

Don’t judge, it’s just my thing.

Last week, Troy was gearing up for his performance in the Kindergarten musical “It’s A Zoo Out There” and the music teacher let the kids choose the animal they wanted to dress up as for the show. Because he’s Troy, he chose Black Widow Spider.

Because of course he did.

I was pulling for a tiger because when my little sister was in second grade she was a tiger for Halloween and I found the tiger headpiece and the tail in my mom’s hoarded things and I straight switched the game up and hoarded it right out from underneath her.

The music teacher sent home a note saying “The music program is in 48 hours and your child chose to be a __________ (insert name of whacked out choice here). Have fun with it, no need to purchase anything new, shop your closets! We will be making masks here at school for your child to wear during the show”.


Because I seem to remember someone dressing up as a spider in 2008.

Halloween 2008

That’s right, I sent Troy out onto the stage for his musical debut in his Halloween costume. From five years ago.


Black Widow Spider? NAILED IT.

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