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VD Update

posted by on 02/18/2014

Kindergarten party update: It was cool and no one cried or spilled anything, so it was a success.

Their teacher is big on “stations”, the kids work that way, like reading station, writing station, math station and they rotate. So, we stuck with the stations for the party because rounding up Kindergarteners is pretty much like trying to line up cats. This meant the limbo station was out because it was probably too rowdy and when I explained it to Troy at home, he yelled, “I’m NOT stick dancing!” and that wasn’t really the reaction I was looking for. Also, WTH.

We had a decorate your own sugar cookie station, a craft station, and two game stations. I remembered that I was in charge of bringing the sugar cookies that morning and thank god for Safeway. 20 cookies for $3. Done.

The game stations were a hit. We dumped out a few bags of conversation hearts into a bucket and laid out kid cheater chopsticks and they had a minute to gather up as many as they could using only the chopsticks. We decided last minute to make two tic-tac-toe boards at a long table and I just happened to have washi tape in my bag because you never know when a crafting opportunity will present itself. The kids used different colors of the candy hearts to play and they loved it.

Here’s a reenactment photo for you, mostly because I love washi tape.


After the party, Troy was going through his valentines (AKA a crapton of candy with paper taped to it-why so much candy?) and he re-gifted this to me because SQUIRREL. Troy is just being green; reduce, reuse, recycle those valentines.


The craft station consisted of the kids “decorating” their valentine “mailbox”. Let’s use the term “mailbox” very loosely because it consisted of a paper plate concoction held together with staples and ribbon. I had glued each child’s photo to the plate mailbox beforehand because Kindergarteners are seriously all about their photos on everything. I brought in valentine stickers that I purchased the day before at Michael’s (half off!) and the kids went to town.

Troy said that it was his least favorite station (rude), but he managed to hold it together and I really think he went above and beyond in the craft department, SO PROUD.


Next year? We limbo. Stick dancing for everyone.


VD Crowdsourcing

posted by on 02/11/2014

Well, if this post title doesn’t attract some interesting spam comments, I will lose all sorts of faith in the internet.

I am seriously the worst about writing here and I’m trying to do better. There are so many things we need to catch up on.

T’s walking pneumonia turned into full blown pneumonia last week and I had to take him back into the doctor who informed me that he also had an ear infection. I think I might have had seven hours of sleep last week, that’s total, and only now am I recovering. He went back to school today, his medicine seems to be working just well enough for reentry into the public school system AKA the petri dish of all the germs in the universe.

And speaking of school, I’m the co-chair of the Kindy Valentine’s party on Thursday (they don’t have school on Friday) and I have nothing. I just realized that today was Tuesday, no lie. We are decorating cookies and making a Valentine card, but I need two games for 16 Kindergarteners.

Any and all ideas are appreciated.

When I was the party director for Z’s 4th, 5th, and 6th grade class, I just let them Limbo the entire time and it was a hit.

Can Kindergarteners Limbo or is that too “Drunken Office Holiday” party?

Enjoy this photo of my new wreath.


I would love to tell you I painstakingly handcrafted it, but I bought it at the grocery store for $7. I know, I’m disappointed in me also.

Signed too old for this noise,