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SensatioNail Giveaway

posted by on 01/24/2014

SensatioNail reached out to me and offered to send me an all-in-one Gel Starter Kit, which includes their exclusive LED Lamp to flash-cure gel manicures. I was going to decline because my knowledge regarding nails and beauty stuff is very limited, but then Z walked in the room and asked me to paint her nails for the eighth time in nine days and let’s talk gel polish.


I know that the nail place where I go to get my feet correct charges $30 for a gel manicure and Z always wants to get one. I basically have to sneak out of the house when I get a pedicure because she always wants to go and then $$$. The SensatioNail Starter Kit (retails for $60) comes with everything you need for 10 gel manicures.


It also comes with super easy instructions. I mean, there are photos, I felt confident I wouldn’t screw it up.


It basically goes gel primer, LED lamp, base coat, LED lamp, color, LED lamp, color, LED lamp, top coat, LED lamp. Done. And the best part? It is instantly dry and it last for two weeks. TWO.


They also sent over a teen approved color from their Liquid Metals line of invincible color gel polish.


The gel polish kit is awesome and everyone wins. Z loves it and I am off the nail painting hook for two weeks, it really does last. (You can take the polish off with pure acetone when you are ready to remove, I bought a huge bottle for like $4 at beauty supply.)


Would you like to have fabulous nails via your very own SensatioNail starter kit?


You can enter the giveaway through Rafflecopter below, simply follow the prompts. The giveaway will close Thursday January 30th at 11:59PM EST and I will use to select the lucky winner.

Good luck!

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Mantle Makeover Starring Gel Stain

posted by on 01/23/2014

I’m taking a timeout from caring for all the sick humans in my house to write this post. Seriously, everyone that lives here is running a fever/coughing up a lung/puking (Troy)/crying (me). The only one that is in decent health is the dog. I haven’t slept in what seems like a decade because Monday night as I climbed into bed, Troy unloaded the contents of his stomach with the fury of a thousand ninjas and I caught it with my pillow and my hands because I’m a caring mother.

But mostly because I didn’t want it to get on my quilt.

Anyway, we have a fireplace in our family room. It is currently broken (has been since we bought the house) and I’m in the process of trying to hire someone to fix it. My process is calling fireplace repair people and leaving messages and then having no one calling me back which is awesome. The fireplace is gas and we might revert it back to wood, but this totally depends on the estimate. If they tell us, “Oh, it will be 2K to repair the gas whatever and 3K to revert to wood burning”, you will visit this here blog and I will show you how I took the doors off of said broken fireplace and Troy is now storing his Legos in there because nope. It will be huge on Pinterest, watch.

The mantle on my broken fireplace has always driven me crazy. It was just not working for me LIKE THE FIREPLACE. Neither is the ceiling paint overspray on the upper rocks, that really just screams elegance. Pardon the craptastic phone pic, I was apparently underwater.


I decided to sand it down and stain it with some regular stain I already had and after two coats, it looked exactly the same. The mantle would not absorb the stain for whatever reason, like probably fireplace black magic. I did some research (effed around on Google for hours while watching a Teen Mom marathon) and decided to try Miniwax gel stain.


I ordered a half pint off of Amazon because I’m lazy and De Hippo only carries a quart and I didn’t want to make the commitment. I used my favorite brand of angled brush to apply the gel stain and to cut in super close near the rock surround, I also used one of Troy’s crappy crayola paintbrushes from an art set because I am nothing but a DIY professional.

Before I started, I half-assed resanded the mantle and I also wiped it down with a liquid deglosser because it was much faster than sanding. Gel stain is cool to work with because it is more like paint. It’s non-drip and works on hard-to-stain woods, like my mantle. I started with the flat surface on the top and painted on a coat of the gel stain in Cherrywood. I went with that shade because it plays off the red tone of our wood floors. You have to wipe off the gel stain in three minutes or it starts to dry and gets weird and sticky. I worked in sections and used a few old tshirts to wipe it off and when I couldn’t find anymore tshirts, I used an old cloth diaper. You have to let each coat dry 8-10 hours and I did three coats.


I have about a tablespoon of stain left, so let’s just say you will need a half pint of stain per one mantle.


I think it looks so much better, I will keep you posted on the fireplace repair and the cost. Troy is completely pulling for Lego storage.