Got Snow? Buy This Doormat

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It has snowed off and on here since last night and school was flat out cancelled. No two hour delay rigamarole, just flat out cancelled. Colorado is the king of two hour school delays because the weather here is blizzard one minute and sunshine the next. You know it is serious if the cancel goes down without the delay.

This photo I took off my deck this afternoon doesn’t look too crazy, but the wind has been blowing and I guess the roads are icy and visibility is crap. I will take the cancel because this means I don’t have to operate a motor vehicle and take people to and from school.


The snow meant I was able to test out my new doormat. I lead a crazy, action packed life, I know. Try and keep up.

Anyway, for two years we have had a mat in our entry way that was for a kitchen, like a small, crappy non-absorbant, flimy ass kitchen rug for in front of your sink. It was my “we just moved in and need something in front of our door FOR NOW rug” and I forgot about it because I was too busy painting every single room in my house because holy gold and orange and forest green. I hated the mat, but especially every time we came in from the elements because snow would melt all over and it was barely large enough for use to put a few pairs of boots on it. When it wasn’t snowing, I noticed that my entryway always had tiny bits of sand/gravel tracked in and it drove me crazy.

I’ve always wanted a Waterhog doormat (not an affliate link-that’s just where I bought it) because it seemed like it was exactly what we needed, but they are $50 and you guys, it is a doormat. In a fit of disgusted with my flimsy kitchen mat rage, I just went right on ahead and angry one-clicked purchased that shit and I’m here to tell you it rules. It has a rubber backing and doesn’t slip around and the waffle design traps everything from your shoes like magic.

Now I know it isn’t freaking pinworthy because it isn’t an antique Moroccan rug from Turkey, but this is real life and this rug gets stuff done. This means it collects all the water and snow and dirt and gravel before we track it into the house and I have stopped wanting to weep and make everyone crawl into the house on all fours.


It’s the little things and I apologize for blogging about a doormat. (SORRY NOT SORRY)

  • Christella (@christellasays)

    Only YOU could make blogging about a doormat entertaining!
    Christella (@christellasays) recently posted..Carter isn’t speaking! Part 5 – Playgroup Begins at GrandviewMy Profile

    • Zakary

      Aww, thanks! 🙂

  • julia toscano

    I love love love your blog. Yep that was three. You crack my shit up.

    • Zakary

      Doormats and rugs in general are the bane of my existence. I’m here to help. 🙂

  • MissCaron

    This rug gets stuff done. Try to keep up. LOVE it!

  • Jodie in MN

    I’ve wanted a waterhog for so long. Except I want a 6×8 waterhog and holy heck that’s an expensive doormat! And I would also like a runner to match that goes down the tiny hall to the garage because 5 people trying to stop on a 18″x24″ mat to take off their muddy and wet shoes doesn’t work. I need to win the lottery or something, then I can get rugs.

    • Mildred

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  • designhermomma

    this is where I stop and love you.
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  • Sally

    SO gonna get one of these for my Kansas Kids.

  • Andrea

    I’m not sorry you blogged about a doormat. The other day I watched my husband come in from outside and aggressively wipe his feet on our inside-the-door rug. It was as if he was trying to detach the soles from his shoes. I stared at him, mouth agape, and them went into the other room to weep before I got the vacuum out to suck up the pile of dirt and gravel that he had deposited right inside the door.

    I need all the Waterhogs.
    Andrea recently posted..As ChargedMy Profile

  • Lizzie

    Greetings from Rhode Island, where it snowed all day! I’m glad that some other snowbound rug-o-phile is willing to out herself. The waterhog is a great mat (Props to LL. Not Cool J, LL Bean).

    Cuz we aint going back to Cali.

  • Chatie Kase

    Can I ask how thick/tall it is? I need a better rug for a door that gets a lot of activity but the space between the door & the floor is very narrow. I usually get stuck buying ugly runners with weird designs because they’re very thin and will at least fit.

    • Zakary

      I know I already emailed you, but I wanted to answer here in case anyone else was wondering: the doormat is 3/8 inch thick.

  • Becky

    So much love and gratitude from snowy Vermont!! I pinned it. We don’t need Turkish rugs up here!
    Becky recently posted..Snow Much FunMy Profile

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