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Happy #World Diabetes Day

posted by on 11/14/2013

To celebrate World Diabetes Day, Zoe went to school this morning and left her glucose meter on the bench right next to our front door.

When I saw it lying there long after she was gone, I was a tad bit annoyed. She has a backup meter at school so it wasn’t a huge deal, but I just wish she could keep up with her stuff. I’m pretty sure I am going to go to college with her to make sure she changes her lancet and pays attention to the low reservoir warning on her pump. And then I felt guilty for being annoyed because I’m positive that people with diabetes wish they didn’t need to think about their stupid non-working pancreas 24/7.

And then I went to get gas and left my wallet sitting on the kitchen counter next to the coffee maker.

Hope-World Diabetes Day

There might be hope for Zoe’s poor mother except Zoe disagrees. Happy World Diabetes Day, the diabetics are my effing heroes.



Six Today

posted by on 11/12/2013

I’m not sure how it happened because it honestly feels like he was just born, but Troy is six years old today.

I went to the bookstore last night to find two books for my birthday boy. He has many books on volcanoes and all things space, so I figured I would pick up something on Hiroshima, his recent subject of interest.

History is not my forte, I can barely retain facts about last week. History about war? Forget it. War turns my stomach, I have never watched Platoon and I always fast forward the part in Forest Gump when he and Bubba are in Vietnam. I stood in the bookstore and searched up and down the shelves trying to find a book that wasn’t too graphic and discussed Hiroshima or the bomber planes, that seems to be what Troy is most fascinated with.

After a bit, a nice bookstore employee came up and asked if I needed help. I told him I needed to find a book that maybe discussed Hiroshima or perhaps atomic weapons but in a tasteful manner (OH GOD) and that I didn’t see anything. He looked at me kind of weird and informed me that Hiroshima actually occurred during World War II and I would probably have better luck if I wasn’t looking in the World War I section of the bookstore.

He also directed me to the Children’s section and helped me find two books: Why Did The Whole World Go To War? and World War II: A Visual History For Kids (and their history challenged mother).

Happy Birthday to my sweet, little big boy. You are one in a million.