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Those Who Can’t: Etsy

posted by on 10/25/2013

I know you guys probably think I sit around in my house and it’s covered in squirrel memorabilia. I swear that isn’t the case, but only because I don’t want the kids to make fun of me. I would probably wear squirrel pajamas and sleep on squirrel sheets and eat off of my custom squirrel plates if I lived alone. Or even if I just lived with Troy, he supports me 100%. Plus he sleeps in cat pajamas and he has no room to point fingers.

I’ve mentioned this before, I don’t do any sort of needlepoint. My grandmother tried to teach me to embroider and I straight up managed to stitch the pillowcase I was working on to my jeans. True story. She had to cut it off of me while I cried. SAD TROMBONE FOR CRAFTING.

So, I wanted a squirrel needlepoint and y’all know I’m not going to stitch one up myself (too much trauma). Where does one go in the time of needlepoint crisis?

I turned to Etsy.

And found a “dishtowel” for $9.


Dammit if that doesn’t melt my twee little heart. I slapped it into an embroidery hoop and stood back to admire my squirrel art.


And then Troy walked up and said, “Why are those tiny cats staring at the gigantic flower?”



Time To Donate Some Hair

posted by on 10/24/2013

The children both had appointments for haircuts yesterday. They go to my fancy salon and by fancy it’s one of the three salons in town and by salon I mean it is a gal that cuts hair in a space above the bookstore.

Zoe had been thinking about donating her hair and after doing some research, she decided on donating it to Children With Hair Loss. They are a non-profit organization that provides human hair replacements to children at no cost which is awesome.

I didn’t realize that her hair was this long because she wears it in a bun most of the time.


CWHL asks for at least 8 inches of hair and Zoe ponied up 9. I had my fingers crossed that once the cutting started that Zoe wouldn’t cry or change her mind or you know, freak out like I probably would.


And there was none of that. She loves her new, lighter do and I am so proud of her for doing such a nice thing.


I mailed that big bag of hair off this morning and I’ve never been so proud.


You can learn all about how to support Children With Hair Loss here