Castlewood Canyon State Park

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We went on a hike in Castlewood Canyon State Park this weekend with Troy. We had never been and it is pretty close to our house, so shame on us.


You can get a day pass for seven bucks and it is SO worth the money. There are so many trails of various difficulty and it’s freaking scenic, you guys.


Troy was fascinated by this tree that had been struck by lightening.


And also by all the “caves”. Here he was pretending to be in Minecraft, so he was mining or crafting.


We started off on an Easy trail that was about a mile, but we decided he could handle it and we took off on a Moderate one.


He kept saying, “Nature is awesome, you guys”.


Did you notice he got a haircut? So now he looks like a teenager and I vote he grows it out immediately.


He ended up hiking about three miles total. Troy is an outdoor professional (in his GAP sweatshirt) and he wants all of you to know that “hiking is just walking”.


Hiking Is Just Walking should probably be the new slogan for hiking, more people might be into it.


I was totally into nature and hiking/walking until I saw a terrifying sign.


I declared Hiking/Walking over and we went to eat dinner at Pizza Hut. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

  • tara

    His haircut totally makes him look older! Use some of Zoe’s donated hair to fix that immediately! It does look cute though…just too grown up!

    Hiking is just walking is the best slogan ever and if I were a health advisor I would totally make bumper stickers.

    p.s. poison ivy sucks
    tara recently posted..trick or treat, smell my feetMy Profile

  • Ms. Magpie

    My husband has been trying to tell me that hiking is “just walking” for years. Now that I’ve heard it from Troy, I might believe it.
    Ms. Magpie recently posted..I have to go to a party tomorrow…My Profile

  • my favorite and my best- MFAMB to you

    troy is adorable with his new haircut. but he’s adorable with his old one too.

    fuck that poison ivy business.

    but if you do get it that would be a sweet halloween costume.
    my favorite and my best- MFAMB to you recently posted..some things..My Profile

  • Momo

    Oh, NO YOU DON’T.
    Momo recently posted..House Hunters AnonymousMy Profile

  • nesscupcakes

    I also have an issue with the poison ivy. If I’m walking on a paved road, or even am in a parking lot, and there is some in the ditch or on a grassy patch nearby, I will get it. Like Troy says though, “Nature is awesome”, and I love hiking so I usually make sure I have Ivy Block!
    nesscupcakes recently posted..Fat and tired.My Profile

    • Zakary

      I am going to get Ivy Block immediately, thank you for the head’s up.

  • merlin513

    I noticed that haircut in the first photo! He looks so different. 😀
    What a gorgeous park, how did I miss that one all the times i’ve been in Colorado, (oh yeah, back of a Harley w/@$$hole ex-husband that didn’t believe in getting OFF of said Harley unless there was a bar nearby).

  • merlin513

    oh yeah, and I guess the poison ivy thing has put the kibbosch on you ever visiting the South! All we ARE is poison ivy and biting insects! 😀

  • Ami

    Poison ivy is the absolute WORST. I don’t know what is worst: having it yourself or watching your kids suffer with it. Who am I kidding? So much worse having it yourself.
    Ami recently posted..A day in the life of our homeschool.My Profile

  • Xae

    I vote that Troy grow out his hair too!
    Also, someone should totally make Hiking is Just Walking a slogan!
    Xae recently posted..Honey, I’m home!My Profile

  • Elaine A.

    Love the new cut! And yes, combined with the GAP sweatshirt he looks about 15! 😉
    Elaine A. recently posted..To Believe HerMy Profile

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