Straight From Kindy

posted by on 09/25/2013 | 689 comments (leave one of your own)

School is going awesome around here. Troy is in half day Kindergarten, he goes from nine in the morning until noon. The only reason he isn’t in full day is because we didn’t want to pay $$$.

Free half day was good enough for Zoe and no one in this family is paying for Kindergarten, thanks.

My favorite part of Troy’s school? Unpacking his backpack.

According to Troy, the in class assignment was to draw what you care about and then cut out the heart with scissors.


That’s right, Troy cares about “a nuclear explosion”. Last weekend, J bought Troy a DVD at the antique mart titled “US Navy Carriers: Weapons Of War” and this happened only because I was off looking for a nightstand. I am fully prepared to explain this poor choice of cinematic material to his teacher via email if needed because nuclear explosion.

And when in doubt, just write “POOTS”.


I am so glad I’m not paying for this.


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