And Boom: Kindergarten.

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Did you guys know that kids grow up? It’s true. Mine went and grew up on me today even though I was all la-la-la-la-I-can’t-hear-you about it.

My little baby started Kindergarten today.


I really wanted him to wear a bowtie to school so his teacher would know that he was a serious student and he was all, “Uh, no way”. When we were back to school shopping on Tuesday (<—browsing the clearance racks in the boy’s department), Troy found this shirt and thought it was hilarious and he said all singsong-y, “You wanted me to wear a bowtie!” and threw it in our cart.

I read somewhere last week that up until our kids go to school, everything they know they have learned from their parents. I really, really wish I had read that say oh, 13 years ago, but I immediately thought, “Damn, I only have a week to get this kid right”. Or more importantly, myself right. I mean, he can read, write some, still hates coloring and crafts, but what if he goes to Kindergarten and talks about the importance of hashtags and how he appreciates a full bodied Pinot?

So yesterday, during our special Mom and Troy day that consisted of mini golf and batting cages, Troy and I sat down and had a discussion over a banana split. I told him that he was going to start Kindergarten and it wasn’t important to me if he is the fastest runner, the best speller, or has perfect attendance. All I really want is for him is to try, to believe in himself, and to be kind.

M+T 1st day of school

And he looked at me and said, “Can I still be an astronaut?”

Because even astronauts go to Kindergarten.


Shoot for the moon, my sweet boy, and always keep reaching for the stars.

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