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Homemade Play Dough

posted by on 06/24/2013

What it is about Play Dough that makes kids lose their minds? Troy loves it, but I have less than favorable feelings towards it mostly because he manages to always smoosh it into the rug and/or have an epic meltdown when he gets the colors mixed together.

This is how it goes. Every. Single. Time.

Troy: “Will you buy me this Play Dough?”
Me: (silently: No, I hate Play Dough) “Do you promise not to smoosh it into the rug and not to mix the colors together?”
Troy: “Yes, I promise!”
Me: One hour later
Troy (gets up from table): “I’m all done with my Play-Dough, I mixed it together and now I don’t like it.”
Me: “And you got it all over the rug!”

End Scene

I decided to make our own. After starring in The Play Dough Saga Continued for 12 years, I’ve finally wised up. I used Martha’s recipe because I had all the ingredients on hand and you can always trust Martha.


Homemade Play Dough

1 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
2 teaspoons cream of tartar
1 teaspoon cooking oil
1 cup water

Add all the ingredients in a saucepan and mix. Cook on medium heat, stirring constantly for three minutes. When it starts to looks like mashed potatoes, remove from heat. Let cool for a few and then knead it together. You can add food coloring while it is cooking, but I opted to leave it natural.

I’m happy to report Troy played with the dough for an entire afternoon. I stored it in a container with a lid and it should last for a few weeks unless it ends up dried onto my rug.


Why yes, that is an ink pen mustache, thanks for asking. 


You Have A Baby. In A Bar. (No Baby, Sub Dog)

posted by on 06/19/2013

Here’s what I learned being evacuated last week: no matter what I packed, I did not pack enough stuff.

Pack=Shoved into the back of your car.


Since I was worried about things like photographs, my milk glass collection, and my grandmother’s paintings, I overlooked packing things like toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, and underwear. I did grab my makeup and Zoe packed everyone’s toothbrush. The only reason the kids had clothes is because Zoe, who is much better under pressure than I am, packed their suitcase. Since we were missing many necessary items, we had to go to Wal-Fart and because it was 95 degrees outside, we had to bring the dog in and I mentally apologized to every single person that was giving us the side eye.


I wish we would have grabbed an ice chest on the way out as our hotel room did not have a fridge. We were lucky to get a hotel room at all, so it seriously was so not a big deal. We came up with creative ways to keep things chilled, like insulin. We took every single thing diabetes related with us, it was easy to pack up because we keep everything together in the pantry. The internet told me that the best way to keep it cool was to wrap it in a cloth and lay it over the ice.





I know insulin is ok at room temperature but that is a lot of insulin to expire and it needs to last months and hello, PARANOID.

I also wish that we would have thought to bring a few games for the kids because on the second day at the hotel, they literally jumped back and forth on the beds approximately 7,890 times and I would have cut someone at that point for Candy Land.

It isn’t like they didn’t have any fun, I mean we did provide them with an excellent game playing opportunity when we walked from the hotel to the brewery next door. With the dog.


If you are evacuated from your home, you will need:

-Anything irreplaceable. This includes yourself.
-All of your toiletries. Go into your bathroom with a trash bag and just throw in everything
-Curling iron/hair brush/razor
-Something to occupy your children
-More clothes than you think you need. Someone said that they bagged up all of their dirty clothes because it is the clothes they wear the most
-More underwear than you think you need
-Wine from your wine rack so you don’t have to buy any again
-Medical supplies + all your medication
-Address book
-Computers/chargers/phones/cameras/hard drives
-Important documents. I have a file labeled “Important” with the social security cards/birth certificates/etc and I just grabbed the entire thing without digging through the entire filing cabinet
-Snacks + water
-Your son’s favorite stuffie so you don’t have to answer whether or not Blankie Puppy is still alive

I actually left behind a computer that we no longer use, but has all of Troy’s baby pictures on it and I was SICK about it. My goal this year is to back everything up onto one external hard drive.

Things you probably don’t need:
-A robe
-15 CDs and no CD player (Zoe)