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Happy Three Day Weekend

posted by on 05/24/2013

I didn’t even realize we were staring down a three day weekend until last night. This week has been action packed with the amusement park, end of year field day, sixth grade graduation, and an early evening run to the orthodontist because Zoe managed to pop off a wire and a spring. I’m ready for summer to be here and I need a damn nap.

And Troy’s ready to throw down on the grill.


So You Think You Can Pump

posted by on 05/22/2013

Zoe wants an insulin pump and every time her doctor mentions “pumping”, I think of a breast pump.

In turn, that makes me think of the time she did this and I laugh. And then I remember how much I hated pumping and how glad I was to sell that damn thing on Craigs.


We decided on the the Mini Med pump and she should be hooked up and ready to go in July. Everyone keeps telling us we will love it and I really hope we do. I don’t mind giving her shots, but her arms can get so bruised up from the injections and it’s totally not cool to have your mom say “Give me a butt cheek” when you are in the middle of Red Robin trying to order your bacon burger. Here’s hoping she likes it and doesn’t try to list it on eBay.


She is pretty stoked that it comes in different colors and really that’s what sold her on it, never mind that it is an advanced, high tech insulin delivery device when it comes in PURPLE. She also liked that the practice infusion set was inserted onto a fake whoopee cushion.


During the appointment, they also trotted out Lenny The Insulin Dependent Lion where you can practice set changes or sight changes, I’m not sure of my pump lingo yet.


Zoe was all, “Do I have to wear three or just one?”


I know this is supposed to be kid-friendly but it makes me sad. I feel the same way about Rufus. Stuffed animals and children shouldn’t deal with diabetes, actually no one should. SUCK ASS DIABETES.


Zoe isn’t phased by it too much, as check up/pump decision appointments are a wonderful opportunity to sit on your brother while waiting to turn in your urine sample.