Using Your Words: The Early Morning Edition

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I’m currently up in the middle of the night more with five year old Troy than I was with newborn Troy.

Newborn Troy was so much easier and couldn’t use his words, I’m just saying.

Troy is going to sleep in his own room. Or on his mattress beside Zoe’s bed in her room. Either way, it isn’t in our room and this is kind of a big deal.

The Ticket System has proven to be legit and Troy gets three tickets if he goes to sleep not in our bed and if he has 15 tickets total in his special ticket bucket by Saturday, he gets to go somewhere cool with his parent of choice and so far he has only chosen his father. It’s cool, Troy, I’m not mad at you because while you and dad are at the arcade, I can clean the bathrooms uninterrupted and change all the sheets and WHY AM I NOT YOUR FAVORITE.

Apparently I am his favorite at 1 a.m. and again at 2:35. And look, 4:50 in the motherscratching a.m.

While Troy might be going to sleep in his own room, he won’t stay there. He comes into our room carrying his gigantic Hello Kitty stuffie that he lifted from his sister and at 3:57 in the morning bathed in darkness, it looks like an alien.


You guys haven’t lived until you wake up with Hello Kitty four inches from your face in the dead of night, really gets your heart going.

And once I’m awake, he starts using his words.

“I wanted you to know my bedroom smells like cheese.”

“Did you know that Cape Canaveral is in Florida? I want to go to Florida.”

“I just missed you too much to stay in my own bed.”

“Why do cats lick their own legs?”

“Is our house built on a volcano?”

And my personal favorite-“I was just making sure you weren’t dead.”

Co-sleeping: the gift that keeps on giving.

  • Karen

    So, so dead. I hope you have a King bed!
    Karen recently posted..Catch The MomentMy Profile

    • Zakary

      Yes, we do. Room for everyone!

  • Christella

    I’d be swiping a ticket every time he made me get up in the middle of the night! LOL
    Poor mama! This too shall pass… or so they tell me. :/
    Christella recently posted..What Bloggers Don’t Tell YouMy Profile

  • MissCaron

    You poor thing. I cannot imagine. Best of luck that he sticks with the new program!
    MissCaron recently posted..What is your Archetype?My Profile

  • deb

    “make sure you weren’t dead” !!!!

    Literally laughed out loud at that one. LOLed, if you will.
    deb recently posted..Random MondayMy Profile

  • Momo Fali

    I blame my daughter and her two-year-old face just a few inches from mine, night after night, for a year, for this whole need for insomnia and anti-anxiety meds. She used to scare the crap out of me.

  • tara

    Hahahah making sure you weren’t dead. How sweet of him to look out for you…

    That Hello Kitty is a little terrifying even in the light.
    tara recently open letter to a “sushi” restaurantMy Profile

  • merlin513

    hehehehe, at least your nighttime co-sleeper ‘has’ words!

    Lately my 22 lb. 13 yr. old Maine Coon cat has decided that loving times is at 3:50 in the morning…and is to be announced by landing on my chest and sneezing in my face…snottily…repeatedly…HELLO KITTY!!!

    I’ve tried to close the doors and keep all 3 of the cats out of my bedroom and all that does is give me my own personal soundtrack of Night of the Walking Dead crossed with The Island of Dr. Moreau. 😀

    still, feel your pain and you and the entire crew are in my prayers, wish I could send you some wine to souse your sorrows with!

    • Zakary

      A 22 lb. cat?! That’s large for a cat, right? At least it doesn’t lay on your face, you might not make it through the night. 🙂

  • Leslie

    You will get your revenge when he’s in college and you call him at 6AM “just to make sure he’s not dead.”
    Leslie recently posted..Theories.My Profile

    • Robin Jingjit


    • Zakary

      YES. (makes mental note)

  • Shannon

    Making sure you aren’t dead…well, you know you are raising a thoughtful boy!

    So, I have a question, I’m getting ready to have kids and I’ve never really heard of co-sleeping before. Are there benefits to it – and do they outweigh not sleeping? Just curious, thanks!

    • Zakary

      It worked for our family, especially when they were babies. Neither one of my children excelled at self-soothing and co-sleeping just works for us. There is a TON of info on it out there, but the benefits for our family were family closeness and glorious sleep.

      I take solace in the fact that Zoe is 12 and pretty much stays in her own bed.

  • Robyn

    I am going through the struggles of stopping this co-sleeping nonsense with my 4yo. He will SOMETIMES go to sleep in his own bed – but dont you worry. He will wake up several times throughout the night. I feel you. Hard.

    • Zakary

      Some kids just seriously don’t like sleep, sigh.

  • Michelle

    God love that boy. I cracked up at the alien four inches from your face. Hilarious.
    Michelle recently posted..Friday Finest.My Profile

  • kate

    my daughter is going to be six in april & you’re way ahead of us. go, girl!

  • Holly Folly

    Hmmm. I don’t have kids, but I remember being a kid. Does he have a nightlight? I would freak out if I had to sleep in a dark room because THAT’S WHEN THEY WOULD GET YOU. No lie. Straight up. So, you might try that. Also, if you have any nightlights between his room and yours, yeah get rid of those. I still remember stealing myself up to make the run to mom’s room when I had nightmares because dark, they get you, you get the idea.
    Holly Folly recently posted..We Paid Someone to Fix the Tire for us.My Profile

    • Zakary

      We do have nightlights because I’m scared of the dark! If it is dark in the hallway when Troy wakes up, he turns all the upstairs light on and the light on in our room. He has NO shame.

  • Xae

    Bahahaaa! That is precious!! He was just making sure you’re alive…how sweet is that.
    Also, at the risk of sounding like a freak, I have so much to ask and talk about with my husband once we’re in bed dead tired and he’s almost drifting off. Some nights he gets into bed and tell me, no talking tonight 🙁
    Xae recently posted..So What I’m Not Into New ThingsMy Profile

  • Katherine

    Hilarious. And yet I feel sad for you at the same time. Hope sleep comes your way again soon. Minus Hello Kitty.
    Katherine recently posted..(Another) Year in ReviewMy Profile

  • Amy @ drivethirtythree

    HAHAH!! “just making sure you weren’t dead” kids are funny. My 4 year old has been recently getting up at 4am telling me that the closet is moving and the letters on his wall are getting bigger then smaller. He’s starting to creep me out. Last night he came in my room with his teddy bear, blanket, and one of those car pillow neck things that looks like a frog draped around his neck. i sent him back to him room 😉

    • Zakary

      GAH! That’s so creepy! And I’m jealous if he stayed in his room.

  • Family S

    Conclusion: Co- sleep as much as you like, just keep it low.

  • Brookes4boys

    I agree. No tickets! Maybe give him 1 when he goes to bed and then 2 more in the morning if he has slept in his bed all night long? I would be concerned, though, as to why he is not sleeping through the night. Something is interfering. I am sure you have heard the list but does he have a warm bed, no bright light, white noise machine? Maybe melatonin? I couldn’t imagine my boys at that age waking in the night. They were wore out by bedtime and passed right out and stayed that way until dawn, at least.

    • Zakary

      That’s a good idea, I might try splitting the tickets up. And yes to all the things you listed, he has flannel sheets, warm pjs, a humidifier (for white noise), lavender oil for relaxing…he just isn’t used to sleeping by himself. He did stay in his bed last night until 5, truly a miracle.

  • Shannon

    Ok, please tell me I’m not getting myself into this… My 3-year-old has separation anxiety issues at nighttime (I’ve blogged about it a few times recently). I’ve finally gotten to the point where I can sit in her room for the 5 minutes it takes her to go to sleep, then leave. She does great. BUT, she will wake up in the dead of night and come to my room. I have not let her sleep in our bed, but she has no problem sleeping on our floor. I’ve tried just sitting in her room until she falls back asleep, but that doesn’t work. What should I do? I figure sleeping on the floor with only a pillow and a blanket would get old to her. Apparently it is more comfortable than a bed with an actual mattress. Any suggestions? Come read her story and tell me what you would do.
    Shannon recently posted..I do love her!My Profile

    • Zakary

      I had to do this with Zoe, sit in her room until she fell asleep. I would say count your lucky stars she will sleep on your floor. Troy wants us to lay down with him and read and snuggle and then we sneak out like ninjas. But honestly, I am probably the last person you should take bedtime advice from. 🙂

  • Ami

    I love Troy- he makes me happy. You know, in a good-hell-I’m-glad-I’m-not-getting-up-with-him-three-times-a-night way.
    Ami recently posted..Flattery gets you everything. Even frozen pancakes.My Profile

  • Mo

    Hello Kitty and her mouthless ghost face haunts my house. Geh. WHY DO KIDS LIKE HER???
    Mo recently posted..More Tales From Legit MatrimonylandMy Profile

  • BusyDad

    He keeps freaking you out like that, you will need to be checked for death. Fury did that “stand next to your bed and don’t say anything until you wake up” thing once. I almost threw him across the room because RINGU RINGU!!

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