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The More Test Strips We Come Across The More Problems We See (Apologies To Biggie Smalls)

posted by on 03/26/2013

Last Friday I was sitting in a workshop and as I glanced down at my phone, I noticed a new voicemail pop up. I scrolled around and realized it was from the office at Zoe’s school and they had tried to call me like an hour prior.

I rushed out into the hall and called the school and when the our secretary answered, she said, “Don’t panic, Zoe is fine”. Newsflash: the fastest way to make someone (me) piss myself is to say “Don’t panic, your Type One diabetic daughter is fine”.

I’m pretty sure 12 different diabetes related emergency scenarios went through my head as soon as I heard “Don’t panic”, all of them ended with Zoe getting jabbed with Glucagon. We’ve never used the Glucagon before, but I find the entire concept terrifying and I find it even more terrifying when I am 800 miles away.

The secretary informed that when Zoe came into the office to check her blood sugar before lunch, she opened her container of test strips and had the grand total of ZERO strips. I checked the container before I left on Thursday, like the Diabetes Supply Creeper that I am, and I restocked her needles, changed her lancet, and noted that she had six strips left. I almost switched it out with a full container, but I thought, “She will notice and grab a new one”, you know, like she always does.

And she totally did not.

The secretary said when they couldn’t get a hold of me (in Texas), they called the district nurse and they collectively decided to just dose Zoe for her lunch without checking because hello, no test strips.

Please note that J, who was on vacation last week, was sitting at home with Troy approximately three miles away from the school and had access to all the test strips. And a car.

After I finished my heart attack, I informed the secretary that Zoe also carries a back up testing kit complete with test strips in the front part of her backpack that is for emergencies and she should probably go do a check and p.s. let’s keep the emergency testing kit in the office.

So what did we learn?

1. Always make sure you have test strips.
2. If your mom is in Texas and your dad is home where we keep the test strips, you should probably call him first.
3. This is how you get your mother to live with you in college, ZOE.



Back To Reality

posted by on 03/25/2013

I went to the Blissdom conferenece this weekend and welcome to the obligatory recap. While there was a whole lot of be awesome and amazing and how to make marketing impactful, there were also a whole lot of tortilla chips. I’m pretty sure the state food of Texas is the tortilla chip. I ordered a Caesar salad on Saturday for dinner and when they brought it out, it had crumbled up tortilla chips all over the top which makes me feel confused in my heart.

When I attend a conference, I have absolutely no expectations, no lofty goals of what I’m going to take away from the experience. If you keep your expectations low, it’s easier to keep disappointment on the back burner (said Jeff about our marriage probably). I do know that going into this conference I was burnt the eff out. I’m doing too much and between work and the show, my family isn’t receiving the attention they deserve. This here little blog doesn’t receive the attention it deserves.  And god knows my kitchen floors aren’t receiving any attention from our steam mop.

I sat in on Megan Jordan’s fantastic workshop “Uninterrupted Thought: Power of Focus”, two things that I absolutely know nothing about because I work from home and Troy needs lunch, I better answer these five emails quickly, the dog needs to go out, I’m on hold to schedule someone to come out and look at the garage door because it won’t go up or down and just makes a whirring noise, and look, 18 tabs open in my browser.

She basically broke it down and let us know that are thoughts are under a constant barrage of distractions and if we want to get them out, we need to let it all out before we let everything else in. This means that if I want to blog that I should probably write it before I start my day checking and answering all the emails, Facebook, reading the news, because those are thought crushers. The first thing I do when I wake up is immediately get on my phone and check all the things and I start work before I even get out of bed. I also fall asleep with my phone on my face because the last thing I do at night is answer emails and shop for a desk on the Craigs and it has to stop because I am drained.

My iPhone and I have no boundaries.

I started this morning and when I woke up, I didn’t turn my phone on until after I made a latte, but I didn’t check it. I did Facebook a link and email while writing this post because Rome wasn’t built in a day, damn.

I have been neglecting my blog, not because I don’t have anything to say, but because I simply run out of hours in my day and that sucks. I love this blog, I do, but when it is 2:15 in the a.m. and I finally finished a spreadsheet for work, the last thing I want to do is write because I am exhausted and I have dirty kitchen floors. I crave balance, like so many of us do, but for me balance is not an option, it’s a necessity.

And I feel like my distractions not only take away from my writing, but from my family. I help Zoe with her homework while trying to scroll through Instagram and for what?  To make sure I don’t miss a photo of someone’s dinner?

I actually turned my notifications for everything off on my phone last week, no more letting me know when someone is Facebooking me or liking my Instagrams because my phone is my drug of choice (that and Amazon Prime) and likes and retweets don’t mean jack if I spend all my time missing my life around me and the people that I adore.

Basically I spent damn near a thousand dollars for someone to tell me to stay off my damn email after 7pm and to freaking focus.


Y’all better pin the shit out of that, I spent a good 8 minutes on it. Motivational, yes?