A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

posted by on 02/20/2013 | 19 comments (leave one of your own)

And then that dream comes true thanks to West Elm being a believer in magic.


A squirrel cookie jar. I mean, seriously. Now, I only knew about this bit of magic because I have received approximately 82 messages with a link to the said cookie jar, so good looking out to everyone who had my back.

While I did appreciate the head’s up, I didn’t immediately buy it because we used to have a cookie jar and then the kids managed to break it into a gazillion million pieces all over the kitchen floor.

I heard the crash while I was upstairs and I knew it wasn’t good. However after the crash no one cried or screamed and this is how I knew they had really effed up something I own, their silence is telling.

I ran downstairs and was met with Troy sitting on the kitchen counter, Zoe holding the bottom of cookie jar, and the lid smashed all over the floor.

I didn’t buy the squirrel cookie jar for myself because I don’t want it to get broken.

And that’s such jacked up logic that I can’t even believe I just admitted it to you.


Attention family: we will not be storing cookies in my baby precious, so please refrain from touching the jar and/or looking in his tail for any sort of sweet treats.


Thank you for your cooperation,
Managament (AKA Mom)

  • tara

    Hahah your baby precious is adorable! I would not let people look at it or maybe even breathe on it.

    Jeff knows you too well. Did he make you some cookies to do in your Valentine’s present?
    tara recently posted..whipped fetaMy Profile

  • Mrs. Dubose

    That is one beautiful gift! I would take one well thought out gift over a dozen roses and chocolate any day.

    PS I love your blog but squirrels scare the shit out of me. One came down our chimney once and I ran out of the house and left my kids in there with the wild beast. Thankfully, they are still alive to tell the tale.
    Mrs. Dubose recently posted..To Sleep, Perchance to Dream.My Profile

  • Liz

    I admired the squirrel cookie jar but I admit, I began craving cookies and hot tea like crazy reading through your post…I couldn’t see the word “cookie” without feeling triggered. 🙂

  • Megan

    There’s a Hans Hoffman-esque large canvas squirrel print at one of my regular thrift stops, and every time I see it, I feel compelled to purchase it for you, but I have responded to that pathological thought by not buying it.

    If I have a nervous breakdown soon, things may change.
    Megan recently posted..Being bilingual 🙂My Profile

  • Momo Fali

    I broke a wine glass today. Equally tragic. Just sayin’.

  • MissCaron

    Wonderful… Love it! I have several things I do not use according to their original purpose for that very reason. No trust. LOL.
    MissCaron recently posted..41 Questions. 1 Personality.My Profile

  • Xae

    Aww! Jeff rocks!!
    That is a very good looking shiny squirrel. I’d guard it with my life too 🙂
    Xae recently posted..Believe Me, This Makes Me H.A.P.P.YMy Profile

  • sarah

    I think he’s trying to make up for all the other shit he’s broken (**cough crockpot cough**)

  • Stephanie Precourt

    I love it!

    Stephanie Precourt recently posted..Around These PartsMy Profile

  • thedoseofreality

    That, right there, is what true love looks like! 🙂 My children tend to do the silence thing, too. Tis fun.
    thedoseofreality recently posted..Never Let Anyone Steal Your SparkleMy Profile

  • Holly Folly

    You know what you should put in your new squirrel cookie jar? Nuts. Yeah, you knew that was coming. Heh, heh nuts.
    Holly Folly recently posted..Our Quest to Fix Our Backhoe Continues.My Profile

  • merlin513

    you know they love you when they ACTUALLY pay attention to you behind your back and know what would make you happy…in your case “squirrels” …(or wine…or wine WITH squirrels!) 😀

    ah yes….the silence….that was always the dead giveaway in my family too. Screaming bloody murder, everything normal…quiet for too long, here come the parentals to make sure BOTH kids are still breathing!

  • Nanette

    Nanette recently posted..Well, hello there!My Profile

  • Kelly @ Turned up to ELEVEN!

    Jeff wins! Best gift for Vday I’ve seen yet! It’s perfect!!!
    Kelly @ Turned up to ELEVEN! recently posted..saying good-bye to an old friend.My Profile

  • Issa

    That’s how I feel about my owl cookie jar from Anthro. IS NOT FOR COOKIES OR CHILDREN TOUCHING!!!

  • Kristina B

    Just FYI: http://www.etsy.com/listing/118351054/squirrels-bowl-handmade-ceramic-bowl

  • Elaine

    Oh, it’s SO you!! Such a great hubby you have…. 🙂
    Elaine recently posted..Here I AmMy Profile

  • Johanna

    Oh, I totally love the squirrels that crop up all over your blog!

    When I was 5 we had an adopted squirrel for a while. We were still living in Finland, and one night my dad went out to walk the dog. They they found a squirrel baby that had been pecked by a bird and had fallen out of his nest. My dad brought him home and my mum made him a nest in a basket. My parents called him Ossi.

    He was so cool, I remember he often climbed up my dad and onto his shoulder, then he’d just sit there. I didn’t like him doing that to me though, his tiny claws really hurt.

    He also used to kamikaze jump onto our dog’s back, which was always eventful.

    Then Ossi started growing up and venturing out to play, but he’d always come back to the house. This went on for a few weeks, until one night he stayed in the big pine tree outside and didn’t come back down.

    My mum was so worried, she stood outside in her nightgown calling him.

    A lot later, my mum found out that the neighbour’s woman had thought my dad had done a runner into the forest and my mum was outside desperately calling him to come back!

    Sadly, Ossi never came back. Well, I guess he was happy though, but we really missed him.

    Anyway, that was Ossi. That’s why I have a fond place in my heart for squirrels. Soooo cute the way their little noses move up and down really quickly, when they chomp on a nut.

    Thanks for a fab blog. Really enjoy reading it!
    Johanna recently posted..The Good Wife’s GuideMy Profile

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