Kitchen Chairs. We Have Them.

posted by Zakary on January 9, 2013 | 28 comments (leave one of your own)

All hail to the Craigslist gods, I finally scored four chairs for our chairless kitchen table.  I was going to clean the table off before I took the photo, but decided that you guys know me better than that and so here you go.

k table + chairs

Let’s not dwell to much on the weird, wavy palm frond tapestry that is on the seats because you know I’m gonna fix that right up real quick.

I also bought a rug and let it be known that it is the first rug I have ever purchased and not returned or donated (side eye to that bullshit IKEA rug).  The new rug that lives under the kitchen table is a 6 ft. sisal number that I bought from Overstock for 90 bucks. Totally worth it.

Back to the chairs.  The week before Christmas, I was trolling Craigslist hardcore for chairs.  I wanted four chairs with padded seats that looked “farmhouse-y”.  As I was hitting refresh on the Furniture By Owner section like a crazed chair stalker, these were listed for $75 with a strange wood topped table that has a gigantic scrolled iron base.  I immediately called the number in the ad and the owner, a nice older lady, and I set up a time to meet.

My plan was to go and see the set and make a decision.  I didn’t need the weird table that obviously did not originally come with the chairs, but I thought I could maybe 1. Talk her into just selling me the chairs and if that didn’t work 2. I would buy everything together and sell the table or give it away.

When I get to her house that was about 50 minutes south of my house, she is having NONE of splitting the set up because the CUSTOM FABRIC that she recovered the chairs with was more than $75.  And!  It matches her valances which BTW, aren’t for sale.  I told her I was going to recover the chairs and I could see her heart sink. I quickly handed her the cash, I didn’t even try to barter because I could tell she was *this close* to changing her mind because dammit, custom weird, wavy palm frond fabric should be cherished.

While I was loading the four chairs into the back of my truck that’s really a mid-sized suv, I realized there was no way I could fit all the chairs and the table because I had Troy with me.  I straight up debated leaving it on the curb with a free sign taped to it.  Since it was already almost 6pm at this point and I didn’t want to drive for another two hours playing furniture pick up, I decided to go back and ring her doorbell and ask if my husband that works for UPS and isn’t a murderer could swing by in his truck and pick up the table since it was on his way home.  She agreed, but asked me to call her when he was on his way and said not to worry about what time it was because they stay up late.  I thanked her and hoped that “late” meant past 8:15 pm.

I then had to call Jeff in the middle of his 14 hour workday (did I mention it was the week before Christmas, not busy at all for UPS) and ask him if he could go by and pick up a super ugly table that we don’t even need.

He did and the table is currently in our garage.  And it’s still very ugly.

Even if I have to give the table away to get it out of the garage, I still think I came out ahead.

k table + chairs

I’m going to recover the chairs with laminated cotton and everyone has already said “no squirrels“.  Total bag of crap.

  • Robin Jingjit

    Gosh, it would have been really hard for me not to just disappear, not call him, and never go back for the table. She got her dough, so she couldn’t really complain, right?

    Jeff is a good sport, isn’t he?
    Robin Jingjit recently posted..hypothetical questionMy Profile

    • Zakary

      This lady had my phone number, she would have totally tracked me down. Maybe I can make $20 off of the table. Or I can move it outside and serve squirrels lunch on it.

  • Sarah

    Hey– at least the chairs themselves are cute. Save for that awful fabric. Why would you use tapestry for that?!
    Sarah recently posted..Coming to a Playground Near You…My Profile

  • Xae

    Can’t wait to see the chairs when you recover the chairs. Are you going to paint them white to match the table?
    Xae recently posted..Bangkok TripMy Profile

    • Xae

      I didn’t mean to write that many ‘chairs’…heheh. Serves me right for being secretly on the computer at nearly two in the morning ;)
      Xae recently posted..Bangkok TripMy Profile

    • Zakary

      The table is actually painted a color called Enamelware, it’s a very light blue. I think I might leave the chairs as is for now, I do not have it in me to paint chairs right now. :)

  • ~Michelle~

    You sure you can convince them that squirrel fabric is OK? Because there is a laminate available… Maybe just one chair (yours, obvi) could be squirrels and the rest in a coordinating laminate??
    ~Michelle~ recently posted..Teacher Gifts 2012My Profile

    • ~Michelle~

      that should be *can’t convince*
      ~Michelle~ recently posted..Teacher Gifts 2012My Profile

    • Zakary

      That is the squirrel fabric I covet. No one here is having it.

      • merlin513

        that sucks, cause i’m not even ‘into’ squirrels and that’s a REALLY pretty fabric! :D

        • Zakary

          I should order it, recover the chairs, and see if they notice. They probably wouldn’t.

          • Andi

            Go for it. It even matches in my dining room. I should do it, too. ;)

  • Deb

    Why no pictures of the ugly table? Whyyyyyyy?

    I feel sure there is a fabric out there with squirrels so subtle, you can get the fam to agree to it before they realize what happened.
    Deb recently posted..Budgeting. Dang it.My Profile

  • Issa

    I am highly intrigued by the process. Truly. I want to put new fabric on the seats of mine. It’s that flower pattern that was super popular on all furniture in the early 90’s…which was when my mom bought the table/chair set that I have.
    Issa recently posted..One on oneMy Profile

  • Nikki Kelly

    Plead post a picture of this ugly table. Maybe on Facebook or something! We need to see this thing.
    Nikki Kelly recently posted..Things That Happened in 2012My Profile

  • designhermomma

    you basically just summed up my Craigslist life, which is extensive given it’s the only way I buy furniture. It might be cheap, but it didn’t mean you paid for it one way or another. Am I right?
    designhermomma recently posted..If you put a baby on a bookcase in 2012My Profile

  • Renee

    I would totally use that other table for a squirrel diner.

  • Blair

    Maybe you can do something cool to the table and use it elsewhere? Or you can hack it apart and build a huge, multi-leveled squirrel paradise. Either way, you got the chairs. Way to be.

    Happy Hump Day!
    Blair recently posted..I Wash My Face With Oil. {Explaining The Oil Cleansing Method}My Profile

  • tara

    I can’t believe nobody will let you cover it in squirrels. Sads.

    I kind of want to see the ugly table just to know what we’re dealing with. And a squirrel picnic would be so awesome.
    tara recently posted..a picture of my tattoos because i’m sure you want to see themMy Profile

  • Wendy

    I found some squirrel fabric that is subtle enough that your family might not object as much…

  • Megan

    I’m confused. Why does the new rug look so much like the old rug? I’m very excited for the chairs, but still paranoid about the rug.

    I agree to stand by with my final judgment ;)

    • Zakary

      They are both sisal, but the new rug sits on my kitchen floor (not hardwood) and doesn’t shed freaking sand.

  • Jennifer

    No squirrels. That’s lame. ;)
    Jennifer recently posted..By Popular DemandMy Profile

  • Rachel

    Yay for chairs! I say go with the squirrels. You work hard, you were the one who did all the work to find the chairs, etc. They’ll probably thank you later :)

    Rachel recently posted..2/52My Profile

  • my favorite and my best- MFAMB to you

    craigslist people are the worst.

    the chairs are great. paint them.
    my favorite and my best- MFAMB to you recently posted..DOWNTON RECAP 3/2 uncut like good cocaine.My Profile

  • Andrea @ Bubblewrapp'd

    I am jealous of your rug. My house is currently rug less, and it makes me sad, but we have a pissing dog problem, so no rugs is easier.

    The chairs are awesome. Freaking amazing score.
    Andrea @ Bubblewrapp’d recently posted..Friday Finds!My Profile

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