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We’ve had our tree up for a week and it is so damn dry already that I’m concerned to even turn the lights on that are strung across its quickly drooping, dried branches.

I was even more concerned that we did not have a squirrel ornament to hang on said crunchy, almost dead branches.

Etsy has everything, you guys.


                      squirrel ornament purchased here

Let’s discuss Christmas trees.

We had a faux pre-lit tree for years, but the lights quit working on it last year so we switched to real.

Faux tree pro: It doesn’t die ten minutes within setting it up and doesn’t shed.

Faux tree con: It’s fake and does not smell like holiday cheer.

Real trees or fake trees?

  • Sarah

    We have a fake tree too, but I buy Yankee Candle’s mistletoe scent, and that takes care of the doesn’t “smell like Christmas” problem right quick.
    Sarah recently posted..RIP BrutusMy Profile

  • Stephanie

    I’m with Sarah. Fake Tree, Christmas candle. BOOM. Christmas cheer. And it’s even more cheerful because I’m not vaccuuming up pine needles every damn day so the baby doesn’t eat them. 🙂

  • Stephanie Precourt

    We do fake only because that’s how both of us were brought up (well one year when I was little we had a real tree and everytime we came home it was lying on the floor thanks to our cat.) So, I have a pre-lit and the lights don’t work so I just add extra lights! I’d like to have a real tree someday.

    Stephanie Precourt recently posted..Use Your LightMy Profile

  • Kelly @ Turned up to ELEVEN!

    We are total fakers over here!

    The first year my husband and I lived together we purchased a real tree and it was great… until we had to take it out of the apartment. 2nd floor, lots of steps and lots of needles EVERYWHERE later. I vowed I’d only get a fake tree from here on out. I get the urge from time to time to get a real one again – I think if I ever do I will just get some swag from the tree farms to put on the mantel. I love the smell but not the fuss.

    Can’t believe it took you until now to get a squirrel ornament. There is some type of tragedy in that alone. SO happy you put a squirrel on it!
    Kelly @ Turned up to ELEVEN! recently posted..blogging… mini public service announcementMy Profile

  • thedoseofreality

    We do a real tree at my husband’s insistence. By the time it is out of our home and I have actually been able to vacuum up the last of the needles it is about time to buy another one! 😉
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  • Issa

    Real. I’m a real tree girl. I love the smell. Some years mine has been crunchy after a week and some years, it last longer. Got mine last week on Thursday, so we shall see.

    YAY squirrel ornaments!
    Issa recently posted..Blogging the goodMy Profile

  • Rachel

    Fake……buy a candle!

    Also, I wished I loved squirrels as much as you. All I think about when I see those little bastards running in my trees is that discharging weapons inside city limits ain’t legal.
    Rachel recently posted..Child CareMy Profile

  • ~Michelle~

    We have a real one this year, so hubby is threatening the fake one with a one-way trip to Goodwill (especially since one of the wire branches poked through the box and scratched the sh*t out of brand new hardwood floors a couple of years ago… Pro tip: don’t kick your fake tree box across the new floor, pick it up instead).
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  • Krissy McMomma

    Fake. And I hang scentsicles ornaments so it smells like the real deal. Pop it up after Thanksgiving and leave it up until I feel like putting it away. I also have fake grass in my backyard. It’s Da Bomb.
    Krissy McMomma recently posted..ThanksgristmasMy Profile

    • Sarah

      Wait, what? You have fake grass? Tell me more.
      Sarah recently posted..RIP BrutusMy Profile

  • Deb

    We’ve always done real trees, but I get so sick of the needles and the crawling under it to water it and the disposing of it and, and, and.

    I am now old and want to get a fake one. You can get a real wreath from Safeway for cheap to get the smell.

    Theoretically, anyway. I am usually overruled by everyone else in my house.
    Deb recently posted..Random MondayMy Profile

  • koreen

    I swing both ways.

    I love real trees, but they do get crunchy and flame-y, so that’s not good. And I’m highly allergic, so everytime I touch it I get hives. Also not good. And the last real tree we had the cat split it down the middle with her antics. It was either the tree goes or the cat goes. Since the tree was already broken, it went. (The cat was about to be broken…)

    I love our fake tree now, though. No smell, that’s true, and it doesn’t attract squirrels, 🙁 but also: no rashes, no breaking, no flame-y, and most people can’t tell it’s not real until they get close up. (It came with it’s own cones.) We also got a scent nebulizer and some pure essential oils, so the room still smells like Christmas… all year long. Extra good!

    Does that answer your question? 😉
    koreen recently posted..Who Do I Blame?My Profile

  • Ramie

    I live in Oregon so we always do real. But, I did stop and admire the prelit fake tree at Costco last week. It looked super real, and the lights were wrapped around every branch perfectly.

  • tara

    I hate when the tree dies so quickly! That always happens to me. And vacuuming pine needles is the worst.

    I love real trees, but I can see why people would get on board with a fake one.
    tara recently posted..note to self: just because someone says they’re putting you on hold doesn’t mean they can’t hear youMy Profile

  • Robin Jingjit

    I grew up with real, and was die-hard, but have never been able to have a real tree since moving to Thailand. I was resigned to fake trees and tried not to be a bad sport about it. I grew to love our fake tree in its own way.
    This year Ikea brought in a shipment of real trees and my husband bought one yesterday while I was at work. I will happily sweep up those needles all season long, and after Christmas, they buy the tree back full price with store credit. Merry Christmas, Ikea, I love you!!
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  • Leslie

    I’ve always had a real tree and I’m really bothered by fake ones… just a personal preference. I’ve never had one dry out though. We put ours up early this year (day after Thanksgiving) and it’s still doing fine!
    Leslie recently posted..CHRISTMAS IS COMING if I make it 2 more weeks: A Weekend Update.My Profile

  • Jules

    Fake, sadly. #allergies
    Jules recently posted..About SundaysMy Profile

  • Five Monkeys and a Chick

    I’m for real trees with squirrel shaped toast!
    Five Monkeys and a Chick recently posted..The December Pariah and a few offensive wordsMy Profile

  • Sally

    Fake tree~real wreaths. Good smell, no mess

  • Sally

    You are putting water in the bowl, yes?

  • anne

    Yeah. Real trees need water. Every few days, we pour about a cup of water in the stand. It depends on how warm you keep your house. The last mini fake tree I bought came with a warning (from the state of CA) to not touch because it contained lead. Kind of ruined the moment.
    anne recently posted..Lazing on a Sunday AfternoonMy Profile

  • Andrea

    Fake all the way. We had real until the year when we all watched the tree crash to the floor 1.2 milliseconds after the last ornament was hung.

    What a freakin mess that was.

    I used to do plug-in evergreen air scents but stopped doing that too because I’m scared they’ll malfunction and set the house on fire. Now we just pretend that we can smell Christmas.

    Plus, I just heard that fake is the new real.
    Andrea recently posted..GiftedMy Profile

  • sarah

    We just got our first tree this year and it is totally fake. And I am so lazy that I haven’t even decorated it.

    But I do light a Christmas tree candle.

  • Michelle

    Fake tree, real garland on the mantle. Real piney smell, no effing mess and/or sap and/or fire hazard.
    Michelle recently posted..10 Reasons I’m Not Sending Christmas Cards.My Profile

  • Nikki Kelly

    Faux trees forever!!!
    Nikki Kelly recently posted..Dead Trees Can Be FestiveMy Profile

  • Juli

    I am a die hard real tree girl. I’m from the Evergreen State after all. 🙂

    We go out and cut our tree down the day after Thanksgiving every year and keep it up until the New Year. I f’ing love my Christmas Tree and it loves me back with firry goodness.

    The key to keeping the tree from losing its needles (because it was already dead when you bought it, ahem) is to water the sh*t out of it. I have to fill the tree stand with water at least 6 times within the first two days its home and once, sometimes twice every day for the first two weeks. After that it sucks up less and I check it everyday but usually only replenish the agua every other day. I never let the top of the water get below the bottom of the tree.

    Also, make sure you have a fresh cut tree and if you can’t do that at least be sure to cut a couple inches off the bottom so the tree can drink the water in the dish.

    Sounds like a lot of work, but if you just check the water when you plug in the lights each day, it’s easy. And worth it, IMO.

    Now go forth, and love thy REAL tree!!!

  • Adriane

    Fake, hands down. I had real trees growing up and through my twenties. It was such a pain and expensive! $75 for something that cut my hands when I decorated it, dropped needles everywhere, and I had to remember to water it everyday. No thank you, sir!

  • Jennifer

    Real…and it is becoming harder and harder to find one every year. I remember when there were Christmas tree lots everywhere. Now the grocery store has a couple of crappy ones. I guess everyone has fake ones. We cut one down ourselves this year. It is beautiful. I don’t care about the mess. My house is in no way pristine.

  • Amy @ drivethirtythree

    real! and i’m happy to hear my tree isn’t the only one that’s decided it would be better to shrivel up and dry before christmas. fingers crossed it makes it for another week!

  • Amanda

    I’ve started a new tradtion where I have a fake pre-lit tree for the front window that faces the street. Then I buy a small real tree that is potted (Lowe’s sells them). I put the real tree in the family room where we spend the most time. I plan on planted the tree this spring. Figure I can do that every year and watch as the trees grow. Best of both worlds!

  • Rebecca

    We do fake, only because the real trees trigger respiratory distress in two of the four people living in my house, both under the age of five. I LOVE real trees but it appears breathing is more important than the scent of a real tree…who knew!

  • merlin513

    grew up going out and cutting our own cedar tree every year…now that i’m grown & out of the house it’s FAKE all the way!!!

    I’m so fake the tree is one of those little ceramic ones with the birds and the bulbs built in and it has a lighted musical base! 😀

  • A

    I’m a long time reader, never comment, but I feel like whenever I see squirrels I’m like “my FRIEND Z would LOVE this”, then I remember we’ve never met. Awkward. Anyway, I thought of you when I saw this.



  • my favorite and my best- MFAMB to you

    fake trees are bullshit trees.
    my favorite and my best- MFAMB to you recently posted..dining room design pickle.My Profile

  • Heather

    My family was intense about real Christmas Trees all growing up, but then in college my roommates convinced me to go fake. I’ve had real trees a couple times post college and I’m always left wondering what I was thinking when I have to string up lights on it. I hate putting lights on trees! So pre-lit beauties it is with some scented oil burners. P.S. My parents have since gone the route of fake tees too.

  • Paige

    even though its messy, I can’t pass up the smell and feel of a real tree

  • stellastarlite

    Troy is still in a high chair??!!!

    • Zakary

      No, but you wouldn’t know it by this photo. 🙂

      We still haven’t replaced our kitchen chairs and I was using it as a chair, but Zoe thinks it is funny to put the tray on it.

  • Diana

    After 3 years of trees dying on us well before the big day we sprung for a pre-lit and I’m thrilled with it! I just buy some pine scented candles and do my best to pretend it’s real.

  • Lindsay

    Whenever my family would spring for real trees when I was a kid, my dad would “treat” the tree using this recipe:


    It helped minimize the crunch and the shedding.

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