It’s A Quest For Fun + A Giveaway

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Growing up, we took a family vacation every summer.  The summer I turned 14, we drove from Oklahoma to Florida.  I remember listening to Blame It On The Rain over and over on my Walkman.  I also remember fighting with my sisters across the entire state of Louisiana because they were breathing too loud, they wouldn’t stay on their side of the seat, and/or they touched my Walkman.

Family vacations are a rite of passage, a privilege not a right. Or at least that’s what my dad yelled when he was threatening to turn the van around in Mississippi.

The vacation my family took the summer I turned 14? Four days at Disney World and it was magic.


Apparently it was so magical that my mother only took two photos. But she kept her ticket for 22 years so there’s that.

I remember being so overcome with the spirit of Disney that I spun our teacup so fast and my sister that suffers from motion sickness was screaming that she wanted to get out.  My sister is the one on the left about to hurl.  Good thing my mother captured this moment.


As punishment, my mother made me go on the Dumbo ride with my younger sister approximately 49 times. In a row. Oh, what’s that, a photo or it never happened?


I’m not sure if my favorite thing about this photo is my total lack of enthusiasm, my bangs, or my Body Glove shirt and shorts ensemble. You can’t tell from the photo, but I’m willing to bet my Walkman I’m wearing Keds. Without laces. And two pairs of slouch socks.

I feel like my kids need their very own family vacation experience, so when Radisson Hotels approached me with a sweet giveaway opportunity I agreed. I mean, one of the best things about vacation is staying in a hotel, amirite?

Radisson Hotels is celebrating their 50th! anniversary with a 50 Years, 50 Days, 50 Rooms sweepstakes. To celebrate fifty years of Radisson, they are giving away 50 rooms on 50 blogs and today?  It’s my turn.

To enter for a chance to win a voucher for one free night, standard room, double occupancy at any North American Radisson Blu or Radisson hotel of your choice, just let me know:

Where would you like to go on vacation?

You will need to enter the giveaway through the Rafflecopter widget below, simply follow the prompts. The giveaway will close Thursday December 6th at 11:59PM EST and I will use to select the lucky winner. I will then pass along the winner’s name and email address to Radisson so that they can issue the voucher.

Be sure to check out Radisson’s Facebook page for more chances to win.

Just so you know, I received three vouchers for hosting the giveaway.

Good luck!

**giveaway has ended**

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • Sarah

    I’d love to go back to Asheville, NC. Loved it there. 🙂

  • Courtney

    Absolutley anywhere! Our las two vacations have been with extended family, which wasn’t horrible, but I would like a nice getaway with the hubby and kids.

  • Amy

    Oh man, vacation is such a magical word. Also, I will see your Body Glove shirt and raise you one Vuarnet shirt. Can you stand it. Remember Vuarnet? Anyway. Vacation would be in Spain or Portugal. Two places I haven’t seen and would surely like to. Thanks for the opportunity! Enjoy those vouchers!

  • Sarah

    I wanted to say Colorado, but then I thought you might think it was really dumb to want to vacation in Colorado. So I’ll change my answer to Washington DC or New York City (both if we’re really lucky!).

  • Stephanie Precourt

    Um anywhere warmer than here? Honestly I’d love to meet family half-way in Tennessee!

    PS you are so Zoe in that pic!


  • Alaine

    I’d love to go to OKlahoma City for the weekend.

  • Lauren

    New York, New York, it’s a helluva town…

  • Susan P.

    I want to go back to NC and SC for a US vacation and road trip but my ultimate vacation will be to New Zealand (though I won’t be able to use the Radisson voucher there).

  • Vivi R.

    New York City! I’d love to be in Times Square when the ball drops for New Year’s Eve!

  • Anna C.

    Phoenix, AZ Beautiful weather and beautiful scenery.

  • bacurrie

    Anywhere: I’m not picky!

  • Gaylin

    I am a Disney fan. I go to Disney World every year (if I can afford it).

    If you decide to go there with the family – advance planning is the way to go. Also, even the value resorts there have fridges now for insulin if needed and every restaurant has an allergy/special needs chef to help with Zoe’s diet and there are even lots of sugar free treats.

    Any more questions about WDW – email me. 🙂
    No I am not a travel agent, just a Disney fan.

  • Paul

    I’d like to stay at the Radisson Blu in Chicago

  • alison

    I’d take pretty much anywhere these days 😉

  • Willane

    I would love to head to Myrtle Beach with my little family, and take my husband to NY. So many places….can I name them all…do u have time? 😉

  • Sarah Kaminsky

    Actually, I’m in the starting stages of planning a trip for my 25th birthday in Feb. I’d love to be able to put something like this towards it.

  • Jessica

    I’d love to go to Alaska on vacation!

  • Katherine

    Williamsburg VA

  • Karen

    Hmmm… I’d love to go Disney World too!

  • Jessica

    I’d go to Charleston, South Carolina

  • Chris

    D-land, baby!!!

    Hubs has been wanting to go so badly since he is out of brain cancer treatment and now in REMISSION! Woohoo!!

  • Brooke S

    Colorado! I want to see the mountains!

  • Neal Trautloff

    I would like to go to San Diego!

  • Terry T

    Chicago, IL

  • Shannon Morris

    I’d love a vacation to hawaii

  • Jacob

    I would love to go to Chicago – so much to do; especially comedy. I would love to go see a Second City show!

  • Frank

    I would go to Chicago, IL

  • Rust


  • Catherine Robichaud

    New York City!!

  • jade

    I would go to Hawaii! Always been dying to stick my feet in the sand over there.

  • Ali W.

    I would like to stay in Vancouver, BC or Washington, D.C.

  • John Ruda

    I would go to Chicago for a stay at Radisson Blu.

  • Julia

    I would absolutely go to San Diego to see my friends whom I haven’t seen since we moved away. Now, who’s giving away the free plane tickets??

  • Deanna R.

    I would like to go to Charleston, SC.

  • James Merrill

    I would use it in beautiful San Francisco.

  • Bradley B.


  • Lindsey C

    My man and I have been dreaming of Savannah,Georgia for months now! Our fingers are crossed extra tight!

  • Kerri

    Our family visited Colorado in 2011 for the first time, and we are already planning a return trip for 2014. We want to explore more of the Rocky Mountains.

  • Nikki

    I want to go to Dollywood!!

  • kfloveinme

    I would head out to Chicago!

  • Claire Martel


  • Tina M


  • Michael W. Travels

    I’d use the free night to visit Philly!

  • Jill K

    Chicago would be wonderful

  • Laval Brassard


  • Jonathan M

    I’d use my voucher to stay in downtown Chicago

  • Hope

    Key West, FL

  • DeaconMac

    I’d probably use it in Orlando since I already have passes to Universal Studios (that I won in another contest).

  • Rachel

    Ooh.. I’d love to be able to be able to take my son and stay over in New York City! Pretty rad giveaway!


  • Modern Day Nomads

    I’d love to visit friends and family in South Carolina & Florida – it’s so far away!