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The Real Deal On An IKEA Sisal Rug

posted by on 10/11/2012

Or more appropriately, the effing, POS rug.

After ordering and returning FIVE various 8×10 rugs, I purchased a sisal rug from Ikea, the TÅRNBY.  The size and the price were right, I think it was just around $130 (on sale at the time).  I was in the middle of IKEA with Troy and somehow got that godforsaken, big ass rug out of the store and loaded in my car.  I was covered in sweat, but I thought I had found the right rug to call my own.

Let me just say I would rather have a pap smear than shop for rugs, that’s how much I despise rug shopping.

I thought my rug drama was behind us.  We were living happily with our sisal friend.

Easter day

I began noticing that I was always sweeping up sand around the perimeter of the rug.

And then I lifted up the corner of the rug and died.  My sisal friend was a disgusting mess.


That photo is after I swept the fourth time and just under half the rug. I rolled the rug (and the pad) up and lugged it outside.  My thought process was we could beat the sand out of it? Air it out? and then we could all go on with our lives. Go on with our lives=not buy another rug.


So wrong.  So dumb.


I have been playing the Sisal Rug Sand Game for a few months and I am OVER it.  I think I have swept up at least six pounds of rug dust and I surrender, I can’t do it anymore. It’s not that the rug is dirty, it sheds sisal sand parts and it is going to ruin my wood floor. I think one day I would wake up and the entire rug would just be a disintegrated, sandpile with neighborhood cats using it as a litter box. I donated the rug on Monday. RIP, you POS sisal rug.

In light of my rug drama, I am moving past my sisal rug loss with compulsively ordering Flor samples.  I will rebuild (my feelings) with a new 8×10 rug via Flor.  We have a Flor rug in our den and while I love the concept, I am not impressed with the way the particular tiles I selected for that room have held up.  I ordered that Flor rug without ordering a sample, lesson learned.


I’m partial to the one I’m standing in front of, yes?  Help me help myself.

UPDATE: The rug I am standing in front of has been discontinued.  Because this is my life.