The Real Deal On An IKEA Sisal Rug

posted by on 10/11/2012 | 39 comments (leave one of your own)

Or more appropriately, the effing, POS rug.

After ordering and returning FIVE various 8×10 rugs, I purchased a sisal rug from Ikea, the TÅRNBY.  The size and the price were right, I think it was just around $130 (on sale at the time).  I was in the middle of IKEA with Troy and somehow got that godforsaken, big ass rug out of the store and loaded in my car.  I was covered in sweat, but I thought I had found the right rug to call my own.

Let me just say I would rather have a pap smear than shop for rugs, that’s how much I despise rug shopping.

I thought my rug drama was behind us.  We were living happily with our sisal friend.

Easter day

I began noticing that I was always sweeping up sand around the perimeter of the rug.

And then I lifted up the corner of the rug and died.  My sisal friend was a disgusting mess.


That photo is after I swept the fourth time and just under half the rug. I rolled the rug (and the pad) up and lugged it outside.  My thought process was we could beat the sand out of it? Air it out? and then we could all go on with our lives. Go on with our lives=not buy another rug.


So wrong.  So dumb.


I have been playing the Sisal Rug Sand Game for a few months and I am OVER it.  I think I have swept up at least six pounds of rug dust and I surrender, I can’t do it anymore. It’s not that the rug is dirty, it sheds sisal sand parts and it is going to ruin my wood floor. I think one day I would wake up and the entire rug would just be a disintegrated, sandpile with neighborhood cats using it as a litter box. I donated the rug on Monday. RIP, you POS sisal rug.

In light of my rug drama, I am moving past my sisal rug loss with compulsively ordering Flor samples.  I will rebuild (my feelings) with a new 8×10 rug via Flor.  We have a Flor rug in our den and while I love the concept, I am not impressed with the way the particular tiles I selected for that room have held up.  I ordered that Flor rug without ordering a sample, lesson learned.


I’m partial to the one I’m standing in front of, yes?  Help me help myself.

UPDATE: The rug I am standing in front of has been discontinued.  Because this is my life.

  • Issa

    Either the one you are standing behind or the green one. Now I am curious about this rug place. I am in need of rugs for my new place. The ones I have here are not coming with me.
    Issa recently posted..And then I asked for helpMy Profile

    • ZDub

      The green one is just too much for this room. The rug is going in front of a white couch and a turquoise chair, but it is really pretty.

  • Nikki Kelly

    I like it! It looks like it will hide imperfections really well but still brighten up the floor. I would love to get a flor rug, they just seem so dang expensive.

    Nikki Kelly @ the ambitious procrastinator
    Nikki Kelly recently posted..Finger(nail)s CrossedMy Profile

  • MissCaron

    UGH. That sucks. I like the one you are standing in front of but I also like the green one (top left) and the brown one (dead center). I know, I’m no help.

  • katy

    looks like shredded mini wheats! I also like the zigzag

  • KMW

    I have an issue with rug fuzz. I have rug fuzz tumbleweeds EVERYWHERE. I now have a new hatred for rugs.

  • Sarah

    I absolutely HATE buying rugs too! They are so expensive, and I can’t commit.

    I like all of those you pictured, but I’d pick the light green one — this coming from the girl who has had beautifully refinished wood floors for almost SIX months and still cannot marry a damn rug.
    Sarah recently posted..I Just Hemmed My Jeans, And Not in That Dorky Way Your Mom DidMy Profile

  • Jasmine Robertson

    I am sorry for all of your rug hell. I hate buying rugs as well. As a mother of 3 children, I can’t help but be impressed that you would purchase a rug with any light colors in it. Because at my house that just puts a PUKE HERE bullseye on it. I like the brown choice dead center or the sample above your favorite.

    But any of those would be a great choice. You have good taste.

    • ZDub

      This rug is going in our front room, not the room where the children watch TV (or puke).

      The thing I love about the Flor is that they are 12×12 squares, so if someone pukes, you just pull the square up and clean it. GENIUS.

      • Jasmine Robertson

        That is genius!! I may have to look into these rugs!

  • thedoseofreality

    Why are rugs so damn hard to purchase? I feel the same way and have never had a rug I actually liked. Sad, right? If I were choosing from those samples I like the one you are standing in front of and the other two behind it. So, yeah, how helpful am I??!!
    thedoseofreality recently posted..Disney Is Magical…Even On a School NightMy Profile

  • Deb

    I like the one at the upper left of the group of 6.

    I love FLOR. We had a FLOR rug for a long time and it was great. If you sign up for their email list, they will sometimes send coupon codes. I got ours for 20% off.
    Deb recently posted..The Four-Hour Hat*My Profile

  • Allison Lopez

    Flor is going to have a store in Denver:

    Grand Opening
    Thursday, October 18, 2012
    6 – 8 PM
    2500 E. 2nd Avenue Suite 110
    Denver, CO 80206

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they have some kind of promotion.

    • ZDub

      And you win at most informative comment.

      I am totally going to this because I have no life and I will drive just about anywhere for a discount.

      • Allison Lopez

        Haha, well, I’m an interior designer, so it’s my job to know these things.:)

        If no promotion, I’ll inquire if I get a discount…I have friends on the inside.

  • Beth

    I have had a rug in my living room ever since I pulled up carpet about 3 years ago. All of my rugs have that white sand like stuff under them. I have just assumed that is what rugs do. (I always thought it was because I was buying really cheap rugs)

  • Jennifer

    I like the one at the SW corner of the ensemble. It looks the most like the sisal which kind of worked color/texture wise. Most of my experience with sisal rugs have been at the beach so my mind is a little blown about the sand thing. I thought they just trapped it. Crazy….

  • Angie P

    Oh, Friend, how I love you!
    Angie P recently posted..31 Days:::Sweet Valley HighMy Profile

  • Robin Jingjit

    This was the funniest post ever! The neighborhood cats put me over the edge, but I was already laughing about rug shopping being worse than a Pap smear! Hahhahahah. I cry every time! Rug shopping AND pap smearing! Hahaha.
    Robin Jingjit recently posted..Casa Pasta or The End of a Salad Bar EraMy Profile

  • montanamama

    I really like the one up and to your left, with the blueish? It’s purrrty!

  • tara

    the one you are standing in front of reminds me of a Triscuit (not a bad thing). the one in the top right corner looks like a fancy patterned Triscuit. i vote fancy patterned Triscuit.
    tara recently posted..a margarita recipe, courtesy of mi padreMy Profile

    • ZDub

      Zoe voted for Fancy Triscuit too.

  • Jessica

    I like Fancy Triscuit, too.

    I’ve been looking for a rug for two and a half years. I finally found one I liked last week, but when I went to buy it, it was gone. I’m about ready to try and weave the damn thing myself, just to get it over with.
    Jessica recently posted..Baby Girl’s first shared mealMy Profile

  • Jules

    OMG RUGS. I hate, hate, hate shopping for rugs. Everything I like is too expensive. I’m intrigued by the Flor samples. I may have to copy you on that one.

    p.s. I was just going to buy that IKEA rug this month. You saved me, friend.

  • Elaine

    I am laughing so hard over here because I bought a wool rug several years ago and for the first few years it shed like crazy but I loved it so much I lived with it and still do (although the shedding has gotten much less). I hope you find the perfect one!!
    Elaine recently posted..We are SO beyond matchy-matchy…My Profile

  • heather

    So this might be trashy, but I have filthy huge dogs, kids and a slob husband, so I go to a local discount carpet place once a year and buy a hemmed remnant. I got our last one for about $100 and it’s huge.
    That said, we are turning our garage into a family room and I’m really considering FLOR. I like the idea of being able to replace one piece if the it gets ruined.
    heather recently posted..Slow Cooker Chicken AdoboMy Profile

    • ZDub

      Trashy? Girl, you are in the right place. We embrace trashy around here.

      I’ve thought about doing the hemmed remnant.

  • xae

    Well, I might be the odd one out but I kinda like the lone one at the top 🙂
    xae recently posted..Because Opposites Attract RightMy Profile

  • Shannon

    I like the lower right!
    Shannon recently posted..Shanterest: Teal and GrayMy Profile

  • Laura

    I like the beige one, top right; diagonal from your discontinued choice; looks like outlines of capital “I”s. Btw, why would they send you samples of a discontinued item? grrr! Things like that annoy me so much!

  • Leslie

    I like the Triscuit too. It will hide the puke spots the best.
    Leslie recently posted..Yes I do wear leggings and pleather. Go ahead, try and stop me.My Profile

  • Trianna

    I like the two on the left best, with fancy triscuit edging out the lower one by a bit.

  • Andrea

    Two words: Home Goods.

    Or is it one word? Whatever. After years (YEARS) of talking hardwood to my hubs because carpet is completely disgusting after two years in any home, he relented and we got HARDWOOD. Then we had to cover it with something plush so we could double our seating space (or, the kids can stay off the furniture and get their tiny butts on the floor).

    I got an 8×10 rug at HomeGoods for like $300. It’s plush and fine and even I can lie on it without feeling like I’m lying on a rug on top of wood.

    I don’t know anything about Flor tiles, except yours is the second blog post about them I’ve read this week.

    And thanks for the warning on the sisal. It was next on my list for the other bare wood floor that I’ve got to cover by Christmas.
    Andrea recently posted..Long Not LostMy Profile

  • Jodie in MN

    What is the one to the left of you called? I think that might be what we have in our livingroom as the main carpet.

    • ZDub

      Morning Coffee in Cappuccino…

      • Jodie in MN

        Ours is Finer Things in Sand. Looks very similar but yours looks a little more textured, maybe more cushy. I wish ours was a bit softer for wall to wall carpeting, but it has held up really well. We’ve had it for 7(?) years now and have never had to replace a square.

  • Jill

    Thanks for posting this. I have been wondering what the heck was under my IKEA rug as well…until I googled it and found others who keep getting that crap mess of sand underneath. Ours isn’t even Sisal…so don’t blame the Sisal…ours is a synthetic crap top (polypropylene, I think)…I’m pretty sure it’s the backing of the rug that keeps shedding this awful sandy stuff. Anyhow, I’m sick of it too and time to throw this crap thing away. Can’t be good for the breathing, having this crap in the air!

  • Shawna

    Oh my God, I am having the same issue with a huge sisal rug I paid a ton more for at IO Metro. I thought we were just filthy with all the dirt that is under it even though we vacuum it all the time. I am now thinking our floors could be getting ruined underneath and I can’t wait to get it the hell out of our house!

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