31 Days: The Chairs

posted by Zakary on October 16, 2012 | 13 comments (leave one of your own)

We’ve had the same uncomfortable woven rattan kitchen chairs for six years. I bought them at World Market and they don’t really go with anything we own. They especially do not go with my $31 table.


I’ve since painted the table and guess what?  The chairs still do not match. If you sit in them for too long, they become woven torture devices and god forbid you sit on them in shorts.  I mean, unless you like woven grids embedded onto the backs of your thighs, then by all means.

I listed all six of the chairs on Craigslist yesterday-we had six, four that went around the table and two for backup because you never know if the world will have a shortage on hurty chairs.  I sold them for $130 and they were picked up shortly after I placed the ad. I had my eye on a set of four padded chairs on CList and the lady happens to live near me, but the timing was off, she wasn’t going to be home when I could drop by.  So, please don’t have a seat at my kitchen table because yeah.


Sure there were about a million other hot messes I could have attended to, like maybe applying the last coat of paint to the trim in my kitchen. Or perhaps painting the railing so we can hang it back up so we can actually remove the blue painter’s tape from the kitchen floor.  I decided to pour myself a glass of Pinot because hell yes, those dumb chairs don’t live here anymore.


Messes are hard, y’all.

For 31 days, I’m tackling the Hot Mess.  Read all about it here.

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  • Momo Fali

    This is genius! Maybe I should steal this for NaBloPoMo next month!
    Momo Fali recently posted..Dear KevinMy Profile

  • thedoseofreality

    Who needs chairs anyway? They are highly overrated in my opinion. As moms don’t we just pretty much stand while we eat(drink wine) anyway? ;)
    thedoseofreality recently posted..Would You Rather: Kick Up Your Heels or Sing For Your Supper?My Profile

  • Leslie@MsMagpieWrites

    Poured yourself a glass of pinot and… drank it standing it up? With great satisfaction, I’m sure.
    Leslie@MsMagpieWrites recently posted..It’s like living in a frat house, but with more calculators and less beer.My Profile

  • Desiree

    Your 31 series has got to be my favorite.
    Desiree recently posted..mish-mashMy Profile

  • Krissy McMomma

    You’ve inspired me. This weekend I forced the family to clean up the neglected side & back yards and last night I tackled the kitchen table mess. I feel so much better. I don’t know if I can do it 31 straight days in a row. One full Saturday was enough. You. Go. Girl.
    Krissy McMomma recently posted..HIGHMy Profile

  • rachel

    Check you out pouring yourself a glass of red on that newly painted white table! It looks wonderful! You deserve that glass of wine!
    rachel recently posted..my pumpkinMy Profile

  • tara

    Well obviously you had to test it out to make sure the wine glass still looked good on the table…
    tara recently posted..coffee namesMy Profile

  • Nikki Kelly

    The table looks great! I can’t wait to see the railing once it’s done too! Btw, you’ve totally inspired me to start cleaning up my act. I made myself a weekly (Monday through Friday, let’s not get crazy) cleaning schedule. Kind of like those ‘keep you house clean in only 15 minutes a day’ lists. Of course this week is taking longer than the allotted 15 minutes, but I’m onday two already and have thrown so much crap away! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Katherine @ Whitehall

    I agree. This is my favorite 31 days blog. You have me cracking up every day. I recognize those messes for my own, and am inspired to get my act together too.

    I live in Houston, and I know what you mean about the woven chair thing. Add humidity and stickiness to the shorts-woven chair combo, and you get to add swampy to the hurty. Woven chairs just don’t suit.

    Katherine @ Whitehall recently posted..More Artwork Coming Soon…My Profile

  • Ami

    You are living my dream. I have two kitchen chairs that threaten to fall apart whenever anyone sits on them. And yet I haven’t replaced them. In this (and in so many other things) you are my idol.
    Ami recently posted..It’s still rock and roll to me.My Profile

  • Robin Jingjit

    Nice!! Out with the old, in with…. well, nothing. But sometimes that’s an improvement. :)

    I can’t believe you scored that table for 31 bucks! Nobody ever uses Craigslist here except for ‘adult meetings’. As if there isn’t enough of that every where you look here in Bkk.
    Robin Jingjit recently posted..My RAS friendsMy Profile

  • koreen

    I just have to LOL this because hot damn I can relate. I look at something that is ugly and so needs to be done (like the painters tape) and I lose all heart and motivation to do anything, even live. So much easier to pour a glass of wine (cup of coffee, spoonful of peanut butter, etc) and just watch the Property Brothers. Because THEY get it done. Which makes me feel better.
    koreen recently posted..All Is RightMy Profile

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