The Easiest Breakfast You Will Ever Cook.

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One of my family’s favorite meal to eat? Breakfast.

One of my least favorite meals to cook? Breakfast.

I do not function in the morning, I need caffeine and quiet time.

My family needs food in their faces.

So I make this fritatta for them. Fritatta is code for eggs and cheese + whatever I find in the fridge. I usually prepare this every Saturday morning and they eat it and I can drink my latte in peace.


Super easy fritatta instructions:

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
In a ovenproof skillet, brown a package of ground sweet italian sausage.
Toss in half a diced up red bell pepper.
In a separate bowl, beat six eggs with 1/4 cup of milk.
Turn off heat. Add egg mixture to skillet mixture.
Add spices, salt, pepper, whatever you like.
Top with a cup of shredded cheese. I used part sharp cheddar + part smoked cheddar.

Put skillet in oven and bake for 20 minutes.

the best part

Word on street (at my house) is that this fritatta is delicious. I haven’t tried it due to my inability to eat eggs. I only eat the crunchy bits around the edges. There was a tiny bit of egg clinging to the bits and I think I accidentally might have ingested some, this is called progress.

i hear it's good.

I also like to add fresh spinach, but I didn’t have any on hand.  I’ve also made it with a handful of diced potato, frozen country style works the best (GOURMET).

P.S.  There are usually leftovers, so you won’t have to make breakfast the next day.  SCORE.

  • thedoseofreality

    I am ALL OVER a breakfast that provides leftovers! I have another fantastic breakfast sausage casserole recipe that is a make the night before and then just cook in the morning, and it is my favorite for the same reasons as you…I do not like morning, and my family likes to eat! 😉
    thedoseofreality recently posted..WOULD I PAY MONEY FOR THIS: Being Crafty + GIVEAWAY!My Profile

  • Krëg

    My wife has learned to make pancakes from scratch, and the boys and I devour them almost as fast as she can cook them. She usually cooks about three times as many as we can collectively eat, then freezes the rest Eggo-style. All week long she pops them in the toaster oven for breakfast for kids. They love it, and she only has to cook once a week.

  • JillianJillian

    Not related to this post, but I had to share. Stay hopeful!

    • ZDub

      Thank you for the link, WHOA.

  • Andrea

    Thanks for the recipe, it looks delicious. Maybe I’ll make it some morning when I don’t feel like ripping heads off before I’ve had my second cup of coffee.
    Andrea recently posted..BeforeMy Profile

  • Jessica

    It looks great! I want to like eggs for breakfast, but most days, I just can’t. I can do an egg sandwich once every few weeks and scrambled eggs about once a year. I will eat buttermilk biscuits until I explode, though.
    Jessica recently posted..Could it be…progress?My Profile

  • LY

    If you don’t have an oven proof pan you can also put a lid over it once you add the eggs and it is just as delicious (as yours looks).

  • Renee

    That looks really good, I am going to make this on Friday!

  • Chris Lemig


  • Andrea @ Bubblewrapp'd

    I need a cast iron skillet in a hurry.
    Andrea @ Bubblewrapp’d recently posted..The Shop Owner.My Profile

    • ZDub

      That one was my grandma’s, I use it every single day. Check etsy.

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