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Homemade Natural Bug Spray

posted by on 08/23/2012

It seems like every time we go outside in the evening, we come back in with mosquito bites. Mosquitos are nasty and dangerous, so I went to our little market to pick up some all natural bug spray.

Until I saw it was $9 for a little rinky dink bottle.

So I made note of the ingredients and went home and made my own.

homemade bug spray

You need:
16 oz bottle of witch hazel-92 cents
8 oz spray bottle-$1
Lemon oil-had it
Citronella oil-$3
Lavender oil-had it

I filed up the spray bottle with 8 ounces of witch hazel, added 10-15 drops of each oil, shook it up and let the kids go to town.


We’ve used this every night after dinner when we go for our walk and so far we have not been a target of a mosquito smorgasbord.


Spraying yourself until it drips off your arm?  Totally optional.


And I Sang It From The Rooftops, It’s Back To School Time.

posted by on 08/21/2012

Scene: Last night, my house.

8:15 pm: Zoe, please go to bed, you have to go back to school tomorrow.

9:13 pm: Zoe, seriously. Go to bed.

9:27 pm: Zoe, I’m so glad you finished labeling your binders like you should have done two months ago, please go to bed.

10:15 pm: Zoe, I am finished applying your over priced nail stickers, please, please go to bed.

11:09 pm: Zoe, I swear to baby grilled cheesus, you are going to be so tired in the morning. (foreshadowing)

12:32 am: Zoe, I do not know where the iPad charger is, but I’m going to go scream into a bath towel, thanks.

I think she maybe went to sleep around two? I understand about being nervous, I get it, but for the love of crap, at least just close your door and pretend like you are sleeping. I always forget to confiscate the ipad and itouch, she could be in there playing Wedding Cake Bakery or Adopt A Zoo Animal (seriously, these are games) until the break of dawn and I wouldn’t know the difference. When I was her age, I would lay a blanket down in front of the door and play Nintendo (ok, Atari) with the lights out until six a.m. like a ninja and my parents were none the wiser.

I woke up this morning, rolled over, and I looked at my phone-Zoe had to be at school in 30 minutes. I slept through my alarm.

And Zoe? She was in her room SLEEPING THROUGH HER ALARM.

I went into high gear, she would not be late the first day of school. I basically gave her a shot of insulin while she was brushing her teeth so it would kick in and she could eat in the car. I even managed to snap a few photos, fix her hair, and load her damn backpack.

Just like that, Zoe is a sixth grader.

First day of 6th grade

She was even five minutes early.

new kicks

And tonight? She better go to bed.