I Put Jeff To Work And Paid Him In Beer.

posted by Zakary on July 30, 2012 | 20 comments (leave one of your own)

Let’s review what Jeff did over the weekend. For the record, he’s an asian handyman badass.


All the upper cabinets plus a wine rack (faints) are in place. Except a cabinet over the fridge because one of us measured and purchased the incorrect size (me).


The bottom cabinets are next, pretend my floor is clean, and the mustard cabinets need to die. I’m hesitant regarding countertop installation, but Jeff is confident in his abilities because he’s watched a few videos on You Tube (eff).


I organized the crap out of our spices and consolidated and it was mostly just an excuse to buy more glass jars.   I am a total sucker for a glass jar.  I put everything I use a lot on the right of the stove-olive oil, coconut oil, tumeric, garlic, italian seasoning, cumin, and my asian flavors (top secret).


I went through our dishes as well and I would like to trim back, but I have a problem with Anthropologie bowls and the problem is I can’t stop buying them.  I also bought too many plates, as we’ve never had 13 people over for dinner (we have but I probably made them eat off paper plates), but they were on clearance and they reminded me of my grandmother’s dishes she had when I was little so I choked and bought all they had-13.  I also do not like my bread plates, we never use them, so I might donate them and buy more bowls. I might donate everything and just have a cabinet full of bowls (not really).


This is to the left of the stove and it is the baking stuff and lesser used spices (and my vitamins).  Let’s talk about the bottom shelf. I threw out 22 containers of expired spices (not joking) because my mother is a spice hoarder.  There were THREE jars of marjoram and trust me when I say I purchased none of them.  I don’t even know what the hell you put it in and she also has a thing with sage.  If you know of any recipes calling for a shitload of marjoram and sage, hit me up because this cabinet is making me do my anti-anxiety breathing exercises.




Team Organized and down with unnecessary spice hoarding,


  • Kevin

    You may live to hate that 2″ gap between the cabinets and the ceiling…I know I do ours. I plan on adding crown molding to cover it up.

    • ZDub

      I think that’s my husband’s plan, mostly because I don’t want to dust up there.

  • erin

    Girl, I have 2 cabinets with 3 shelves in each that are ALL SPICES. I should take a pic. I have a problem. This post may have inspired me to do something about my shit.
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  • brit

    Love this! Nice work Jeff! You are a lucky girl to have a built in wine rack…. jealous :)

    Oh and one of my fav recipes is pan seared prosciutto and sage turkey cutlets/steaks. You just pound out the cutlet, layer on a piece of prosciutto and top with one leaf of sage (pinned down with a pick), then flour and sear in a bit of olive oil/butter. I’m not sure, but your dried sage might work instead of fresh if you season the cutlet with it first. And, I suppose chicken might work as a sub. Give it a go. I dare you.
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  • Wendy

    from http://www.thekitchn.com

    1 tablespoon ground sage
    1 tablespoon ground thyme
    1 tablespoon ground marjoram
    1 teaspoon ground rosemary
    1 teaspoon crushed celery seed
    1 teaspoon ground black pepper

    Combine all ingredients and store in an airtight container.

  • Lisa E

    Beautiful! LOVE that wine rack!
    I share your bowl addiction. I can’t help it. Bowls rule!
    Lisa E recently posted..Text Exchange Re: miscellaneous itemsMy Profile

  • Issa

    Where’d you get the little spice jars? I love them.
    Issa recently posted..Who are we to judge?My Profile

  • Deb

    Way to go, Hot Jeff!

    Is your countertop presently granite? What are you going to change it to?
    Deb recently posted..Random MondayMy Profile

  • Jodie in MN

    You say you use coconut oil frequently. Please tell me what you use it for. I have a jar of it and it just sits, full, looking pretty in my cabinet.

  • Regina

    I love the cabinets- am excited to see it all done! I am a bit jealous, my husband and I could never redo anything together- we’d end up divorced, so I figure it’s money well spent to hire someone :)

  • Sally

    Seriously, SAGE= dressing at Thanksgiving. The more the better

  • Sally

    Also: great wine rack! Jeff is amazeballs and I am jealous!

  • Jennifer Jo

    Sage and marjoram go in sausage. And marjoram can be used in place of oregano. I think. And now that I’ve typed “marjoram” three times, it’s starting to look like a really weird word.
    Jennifer Jo recently posted..the quotidian (7.30.12)My Profile

  • Angie P

    Haha! We have the crown molding at the top of our cabinets and all this time I thought it was just part of the cabinets. Ha! See…your blog is both entertaining AND educational!
    Angie P recently posted..Camp Pick UpMy Profile

  • Ashley Taylor

    The wine rack is amazing. I feel like spices are things that just grow in the cabinet. Last time I cleaned out our cabinet I found like 3 different jars of onion powder plus 2 jars of garlic powder. Who wants to kiss me now, huh? ;) I am super impressed with his cabinetry skills!
    Ashley Taylor recently posted..Olympic FeverMy Profile

  • Emma

    Hi there – I know most people are commenting on your nice new cupboards and enviable spice organisation but as I’ve said before you just crack me up. Live your sense of humour – you are my kind of blog.

    • Emma

      Or even love instead of live is what I meant but both work!

  • Amanda


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