Waldo Canyon Fire

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I took these photos yesterday just before 65 mph wind pushed the Waldo Canyon Fire-that started on Saturday-over the ridge. Over the ridge of the Front Range directly below Pikes Peak.

Which is 20 minutes or so from our house.

And where our children have lived their entire, lucky lives.

We are safe, the wildfire is on the mountains on west side of the interstate. But I’m sure the 32,000 folks that live below the ridge and are now evacuated and/or lost their homes thought they were safe too.  We are on the list for the reverse 911 call and I am trying not think about what I would take with us if we get the call.











The Red Cross is accepting monetary donations for the Southern Coloradans affected by the fire and you can also donate to the Southern Colorado Care And Share, I know they are providing food and drink to the evacuees as well as the 800 or so firefighters that are doing everything they can to save homes and lives.

  • Ami

    When it’s so dry like this, summer can be scary. I have friends in Utah who are in danger of losing their homes because of all the fires there.
    I tell you, firefighters are some of the bravest people I know.
    Good luck and keep safe.
    Ami recently posted..The best laid plans.My Profile

  • Kristy Firebaugh

    I thought about you while I was watching the news last night – I checked your blog to see if you were ok (is it strange to be worried about someone I don’t know in person? oh well. That’s the power of the internet, I guess). Glad to see that you are. We were just in the Springs last weekend in the evacuation area. It’s really overwhelming to think of the sheer numbers of people who are out of their homes right now.

  • Sheila

    So scary, but glad your family is safe. I admit I was worried about you all. Praying for all of the residents & firefighters.

  • Sarah

    My hometown is Colorado Springs, and my family still lives there, though they are safe on the east side of town. Friends of ours, however, in the Garden of the Gods area, have had to be evacuated.

    I am overseas right now, and it breaks my heart that I’m not there with my home, and am seeing these pictures of my beautiful mountains in flames. Not that I could do anything, but it feels like the longing you might feel when you’re not able to be at the bedside of a sick family member.

    You all are in my prayers.

  • Briana

    So, so sad – such a beautiful place. Praying for the ones who’ve been evacuated and for those in fear of having to go.
    Briana recently posted..Wednesday HodgepodgeMy Profile

  • designhermomma

    oh dear. I am not ok with this at all. Praying for rain, and safety for everyone.
    designhermomma recently posted..Somebody is always sleeping. But it’s rarely me.My Profile

  • Gabby

    I hope the fires are put out soon or it can rain or both.

  • MissCaron

    Praying for everyone in that region. So scary. My home county was evacuated in 1998 due to a fire that took over and crossed all the way to the intercoastal. I remember thinking about all the pictures and mementos I wanted to take and not having enough room in the car. Thankfully our home was spared but it’s scary and I pray that the rains come heavily for y’all. Too bad we couldn’t have sent TS Deby your way!

  • Kelleyellen

    Thinking of you and yours. Stay safe.

  • Katie

    I hope everyone in Colorado Springs stays safe. Here in Albuquerque, we’ve had fires as well, and the forecast is calling for nothing but more heat and no rain in sight. Hope you all get some rain soon and no additional homes are lost.

  • Susan

    Hi! as someone who grew up in the hurricane belt and had to evacuate several time, I would recommend that you give some thought to what you might take. I know its scary, and so much better not to think about it, but should the worst happen you’ll be so thankful you did. You don’t have to write it down (though for me, when I’m panicked, a list is so helpful) but be thinking about it. Besides the obvious – clothes and toothbrushes and pictures, you’ll need things like birth certificates, social security cards, marriage certificates, proof of insurance. You know, the stuff that proves who you are. Good luck! I’ll say a little prayer you and yours are safe.

  • Stephanie Precourt

    So frightening. I do hope you stay safe. Rain please come.

    Stephanie Precourt recently posted..There’s Always Money In The Lemonade StandMy Profile

  • lisabella

    I always assumed you lived in the next town up.

    I’m in the Briargate area of the Springs. Last night we watched the flames destroy homes.

    I had more to say but words are failing me.

  • merlin513

    all my thoughts and prayers (for RAIN!) going out to ya’ll and everyone in the Manitou Springs/Colorado Springs area…one of my absolute FAVORITE areas that i’ve ever visited repeatedly and always want to go back to.

    I teared up when I saw that pic you posted on twitter last night of the houses burning….

  • Gini

    Oh my gosh. I’m so glad you guys are safe. And IF you get the call….I know you will book your asses outta there. Good thoughts continuously sent your way, ZDub.
    Gini recently posted..Flash!My Profile

  • Casey

    OMG! that’s pretty scary, thank God you all safe and away from fire. God please send the rain there as soon as possible.

  • Melissa

    Glad you are safe! I’ve been wondering about you… I figured you were in that area, somewhere! My area of Colorado is still clear of fires, but it just feels like a matter of time. I’m sure the thunder and lightning I’ve seen today won’t help!

  • my favorite and my best- MFAMB to you

    if it were me, and it’s so totally not, i would have the shit i wanted to save already packed. i would hate to get the call and then be so freaked out that i forget to pack something important.
    i am sorry you have to deal with this, it sounds scary as hell.

    my favorite and my best- MFAMB to you recently posted..new house tour part 2- brought to you by black eyed peas and corn….in resin.My Profile

  • Melissa@Julia's Bookbag

    I am SO sorry that this is happening where you are and that you had to worry about your family’s safety and the safety of your home. I’m glad you’re ok. Keep being ok!
    Melissa@Julia’s Bookbag recently posted..A Little Snow Fairy SugarMy Profile

  • melissa

    I am in Colorado also. We are closer to the hyde park fire, but not in danger. Thinking of you and your family, stay safe!

  • MLox

    What beautiful, but sad photos… 🙁 Thinking of you and all the people affected by this. We’re in RI and my best friend’s brother expects to be called out anytime now to go help fight the fire.
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  • Becky (Princess Mikkimoto)

    Christ! Be safe! and I thought things were dry here in Wisconsin.

    Praying for LOTS of rain!
    Becky (Princess Mikkimoto) recently posted..Too Busy Rejoicing…My Profile

  • Ashley Taylor

    Having lived for several of my formative years (that is what I refer to as college) in Boulder and still having family in the great state of CO, I am watching in horror at what is happening to this state. Will certainly be making a donation, but will also be sending good thoughts of rain, rain, and more rain your way.
    Ashley Taylor recently posted..WOULD I PAY MONEY FOR THIS: Swimming In the Deep EndMy Profile

  • Elaine

    Oh so scary. This is giving me visions of last year’s TX fires, not too far from my parents. I just CANNOT imagine losing my home and all things dear to me. Stay safe, my friend. Praying for all of those involved, especially the fire fighters.
    Elaine recently posted..In which I get depressed about having TOO much food to eat. File under 1st world problems.My Profile

  • Lauren

    I’m in awe of the beauty of your photos – nature is one beautifully scary thing. I can’t imagine what it must be like. Up here in Ottawa, Canada our lives are pretty tame from a nature perspective. Sending my thoughts and prayers to your family and all of the affected area! Need a place to escape? Ottawa is actually really nice this time of year 🙂

  • Nina Earnest

    I am so relieved to hear that your family is doing well and you’re still in your homes. Definitely keeping tabs on how things are going out there (fortunately, we don’t have wildfires to worry about in Georgia… deaths from heat, however…). Just wanted to quickly mention how gorgeous your photos are.. something about the innocence of your son playing with the dark clouds above… struck a chord with me. Love following your blog… thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas!

  • Deb

    Stay safe, chickie. Happy Anniversary!
    Deb recently posted..HeartbreakMy Profile

  • christina h

    this is totally off-topic but wanted to share a Japanese squirrel story. I think you would like it since it has to do with Japan AND squirrels.


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