Let’s Talk About Diabetes This Week

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Happy Diabetes Blog Week, y’all. My gift to you is I’m going to blog every day this week about diabetes. I get emailed frequently asking why I don’t blog more about direbetes and my answer is simple: I don’t really know.

Zoe has Type One Diabetes, not me. Do I blog about her numbers? Her highs? Her lows? Do I just blog about how it makes me feel as a caretaker? When I just talk about how Direbetes makes ME feel, I usually end up feeling like an ass because yeah, “Diabetes makes me sad/frustrated/want to drink my feelings” so I simply DON’T blog about it.

But I think I should. Because the Internet is about sharing.

Day #1 of D-Blog Week is Find A Friend.

My #1 go to d-mom person is Bigfoot. Her son is around Zoe’s age and has direbetes too. I can email her about how dumb diabetes is and she agrees. I’m trying to convince her to move to Colorado so we can start a diabetic commune, a save haven for pancreatic challenged children and their parents. Basically this just means I could leave Zoe with someone who would know what to do. And there would probably be homemade granola.

My # 1 go to site for kids/d info is Children With Diabetes. Someone sent me this link when Zoe was first diagnosed and while I was on the verge of a breakdown, I lived on this site.  I found it comforting the way the facts were laid out so straight forward.


Let’s Go Diabetes!  Or something like that.

  • Kerri.

    I also love Bigfoot. And CWD. And your blog, actually. 🙂
    Kerri. recently posted..[D-Blog Week] Find-A-Friend.My Profile

  • Issa

    I always, especially when you come down this way for her check ups, want to ask you how she’s doing…but then I think about how I don’t want to make you sad because I luff you…so I just don’t. Shrug

    That was a awesome run on sentence about nothing. I’m on a roll today. Basically I’m saying, write about it when you want and don’t when you don’t.
    Issa recently posted..Playing catch upMy Profile

  • Heather

    Just in case you feel uninspired towards the end of the week and are lacking subjects. A few questions:
    Was it in your family so you had an inkling of what was going on? Any signs to watch in kids? Or does Type 1 have no hereditary ties and it is completely random rendering you clueless? Maybe explain why some people use insulin and other types don’t? Just a thought or you could just delete this comment.

  • shannon

    i enjoy your blog and your humor and the fact that it says “like a boss” under the blog title up there, and i have a kid with direbetes so i actually really dig it when you post about it dangling participle.
    shannon recently posted..diabetes blog week – day 1: find a friendMy Profile

  • Leo

    Found you during the Diabetes Blog Blitzkrieg. I love everything about this place you have here. Yes, “direbetes” often makes me want to drink my feelings, too. Please continue to share in this temple of sharing christened the internets.
    Leo recently posted..Find A Friend: Or, Seeking Out the Shining Pearls within the Online Medical MiasmaMy Profile

  • BusyDad

    I will kick diabetes in the nuts for you.
    BusyDad recently posted..Life’s Hella GoodMy Profile

  • Claire

    I love everything about this place you have here. Yes, “direbetes” often makes me want to drink my feelings, too.
    Claire recently posted..Chalet 1802 Accommdoation ChamonixMy Profile

  • merlin513

    Look back on where you were at last year emotionally and where you are at now and bask in the glory that is your ability to conquer and hulk-smash ALL your fears and unworthy feelings!

    how’s that for a run-on sentence? 😀

  • Ami

    I think the worst thing in the entire world would be for your child to have a serious medical condition. Which makes you a huge rockstar, in my opinion. Your daughter is so lucky to have you there to help her manage this disease.
    Ami recently posted..This is how phobias are born.My Profile

  • Candace E. Fulkerson

    It is my pleasure to discovered and read this kind of blog. I am looking a post like this and thank God I found yours. Big thanks for sharing.
    Candace E. Fulkerson recently posted..Where can I Buy MaxirexMy Profile

  • Pershy

    Which makes you a huge rockstar, in my opinion. Your daughter is so lucky to have you there to help her manage this disease.
    Pershy recently posted..How to Make a Solar PanelMy Profile

  • John P. Manning

    It is definitely worth listing. Thanks for the helpful information.
    John P. Manning recently posted..Boilx ReviewsMy Profile

  • Kev

    It is high time people were enlightened about diabetes, thank you for your post.

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