Breathing Is Nice-Similasan Review & Giveaway

posted by on 04/16/2012 | 144 comments (leave one of your own)

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As a person who suffers from chronic sinusitis and nosebleeds (GROSS and thanks, Colorado), Spring season brings allergies, and that equals torture to my nose and eyes.

Most days it feels like I have cotton shoved up my nostrils, and let’s not talk about the sinus pressure.

I received an email to try Similasan Homeopathic Nasal Allergy Relief, a nasal mist, and I actually had a prescription nose spray in my purse I had yet to use.

Truth: Prescription nose sprays concern me. I mean, you are shooting chemicals up your nose, and that’s super close to your brain. Plus the taste grosses me right out.

Similasan’s Nasal Allergy Relief is 100% all natural, chemical and preservative free. This nasal mist offers allergy sufferers safe and effective symptomatic relief without having to worry toxic build-up or reliance, like with some OTC sprays.

It is one of the only medicated, preservative free nasal decongestants for nasal allergies available today.

I was sent some Similasan Nasal Allergy Relief mist and have been using now it for a month, and I have seen such an improvement in my ability to actually breathe out my nose. I haven’t had a nosebleed since I started using the Similasan nasal mist and my nose is actually draining, I have regained my sense of smell. I also feel super confident shooting it up my nose, and there is no funky taste.

Similasan products are all produced to the highest quality standards in Switzerland and all use only 100% Natural Active Ingredients. The Similasan Nasal Allergy Relief Mist is intended to stimulate the body’s natural ability to provide relief for your symptoms and I’m all about it.


Wanna win a $100 Visa gift card? Tell me: How do you prepare for the Spring season? Leave a comment for the chance to win a $100 Visa gift card!


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Good luck!

  • Alli J

    Clean!! Mostly cleaning out my closet to make sure I have fun clothes for the spring – less of that house-cleaning nonsense! And, painting my toenails and shaving my legs more often so that I am sandal and capri pant ready!

    Also? I am super excited to try this nasal spray – I am grossed out by the taste of nasal sprays, so much so that I cannot use them! But this sounds great and my sinuses and I are ready to give it a go!

  • ellie

    Yes! I love Similisan products! Their eye drops are excellent, too. In the spring, I arm up with a homeopathic multi-allergy tab, homeopathic nasal spray, a netti pot, homeopathic eye drops, and if it gets really bad, my inhaler and an over-the-counter allergy medicine. I carry everything but the netti pot with me. I did stop using steroid nasal sprays a few years ago and the nose-bleeds and awful taste are but a distant memory.

  • Julienne

    I wish I could say spring cleaning, but I prepare mostly by buying cute spring wedges and dresses and getting pedicures 🙂

  • Melissa

    I’ve started garden seeds in my house, so someday, if it ever stops freezing around here – I’ll have plants for the garden. And, I’ll be able to use the dining table again!

    P.S. Super happy for you that you can smell stuff again.

  • Jennifer Jo

    My kids have been having bad allergies and my poor daughter’s nose is raw from her nose spray (the doc says it’s from her allergies). He never mentioned this spray as an option, so I’m curious.

    How do I prepare? By stocking up on hot dogs for the grill.

  • Issa

    Dude. I need that shit. Seriously. I have Flonase but I hesitate to use it all the time because it’s nasty as shit.

    Man can I say shit any more in your comments. 😉

  • kaholly

    Excellent review. I prepare for spring by packing my bags and flying back to the northeast from a warmer climate. I’m not too bothered with allergies, however, I am very pleased to see an all natural product on the market at long last. Thanks for sharing with this great review!

  • Mami2jcn

    I prepare for spring by making an appointment for my son to go to the allergist.

  • Chris (wonderchris)

    Switzerland!! FTW!

  • Mami2jcn


  • Meghan

    Clean, get rid of clothes. Things like that. Organize. Oh and shave my damn legs.

  • Mary Snow

    I follow on FB; email; & I re-tweeted; but thanks for the review really because I have always wondered if it worked. I am a 365 allergy person. Everything outside including direct sun causes me to itch, runny nose, gooey eyes; and so forth. My sneezing actually scares people in other parts of my office.. oops. I have tried the Rx nose stuff & the taste is horrible. I use saline washes regularly & they do help but its not really enough.

  • Cara

    We own a landscaping co. up N. in FOCO, so I get ready for spring by totally neglecting everything around me and pulling my hair out. We winter clean instead of spring, and since we didn’t have a winter, and the f’n groundhog is a dirty liar, things are still a mess around here. Allergies are so bad right now and the neighbor is tilling up the fields around me. After reading all of the other comments, I suppose I should shave. My husband thanks y’all in advance. 🙂

    PS. Target has Nick and Nora Squirrel Pj’s right now 😉

  • Amanda Sakovitz

    I prepare for spring by putting all my winter clothes away and cleaning out my closet

  • Amanda Sakovitz!/aes529/status/191981714569052163

  • Elena

    I prepare for spring by planting flowers and veggies in my garden.

  • Elena!/ElenaIstomina/status/191986005933436928

  • Deb

    Dude, I am totally going to get some of that for my husband. That rocks.

  • Lynette

    I get ready for spring by pulling out all of the fans/air conditioners, and summer clothing. I have to fo everything i can to stay cool living with M.S. I don’t put away the winter clothes though-this is Colorado after all!

  • MARISSIA WATKINS!/SWEEPNETS/status/192019063357181954

  • Claudia

    I prepare by cleaning the carpets and the closets/

  • Claudia!/Dealsfan32/status/192043175299387393

  • Ashley C

    Everyone seems to be saying clean, but I do that every day. Why would I celebrate the end of winter by cleaning MORE? I kick of spring with a trip to feed the ducks with my son. Nothing says spring like bird poo and quacks.


  • christina h

    I prepare for spring by filling up my yardsaling fannypack with loot.

    p.s. I picked up a bottle of this stuff today at Walgreens (free with register rewards this week)

  • Reagan

    Ahh, spring in CO. No spring cleaning here, just open the windows and let the fresh air in! Of course this causes my 9 year olds nose to run and eyes to itch so she had to take allergy meds. An all natural nose spray would work wonders for her!

  • Bren

    Forget the cleaning that’s what I have finals week for! Bring on the beach!! We live in Florida so our spring is almost summer anyway. We get one bag with towels in it, another with sunblock, baby powder to get the sand off your feet before the car, and plastic bags for all the wet stuff. I usually sneak a bag of extra swimsuits in there so I can take the kids as a surprise after school sometimes. OH! Never tried their nose spray but have their eye drops for my allergies so it’s on the list with the pollen making my car yellow

  • Stacey B

    I prepare by stocking up on allergy relief meds such as Zyrtec and Advil Sinus!

  • Stacey B!/StaceyRenee711/status/192077036695732226

  • Debra C

    Spring cleaning is all I do to prepare.

  • Debbie White

    Glad that you found a cure for your nasal allergy. You can now enjoy spring time at its best. Good luck for those who are joining the contest^^

    • Katie R-G

      I stock up on tissues and bag balm for all of our cranky noses. I’m def trying this spray. I hate taking OTC meds, they don’t help and they make me pissier (is that a word?) than my normally stressed-out self. Oh, and I stock up on local honey for late-night coughing fits. Sometimes I think the kids are faking just to get a spoonfull of honey, even the 18 month old. Damn kids, eating all my honey. Next it’ll be the tequila! Mmmm, honey AND tequila FTW!

  • courtney b

    we go through our closet and get rid of all the old clothes and shoes, then we donate them!)

  • courtney b


  • TB at bluecollarworkman

    My wife and I prepare by cleaning and doing a garage sale. How do we accumulate so much stuff? My wife also gets very bad sinus pressure, sinus headaches, and sinus infections in the springtime. Well, she used to, now she uses a neti pot (natural!) every day during the spring months. For a little extra fighting power, she’ll put a tsp. of Alkalol (that’s Alkalol, NOT alcohol!) in her neti pot and she says it’s amazing. So maybe that could help you too?

  • TB at bluecollarworkman

    To be honest, I never learned how to find a tweet URL, but I tweeted about this post and I’m hoping that this is the correct URL for that! 🙂

  • amanda

    i prepare for spring by cleaning ALL THE THINGS.

  • Alyssa

    So, I’ve never had many issues with allergies until recently. My sinuses are so full of pressure at this very moment, I’m certain my head is going to explode. Apparently, I will be preparing for spring by running to the nearest Walgreens and purchasing this awesome nasal spray. We have also been disinfecting our house from all the winter sickies…

  • sandra

    nothing in particular

  • allison g

    ZYRTEC! Lots and lots of Zyrtec!

  • erin

    I cannot open the windows because my allergies are so bad. Even a quick walk around the block is horrible. I use a netty pot occationally, so I will look into this!

  • Aubreylaine

    I stock up on allergy meds & spring clean!
    family74014 at gmail dot com

  • tara pittman

    I clean the house

  • tara pittman


  • Lyndsey

    I totally get you with the freaky chemical fear! Seriously disturbing…

  • Maria

    I clean and clean until I’m sick of it, or my allergies give me too much grief. I love opening the windows and smelling the fresh air and seeing the sun out more than the rain/snow/gloom.

    I love spring! (not the allergies, I need some of this stuff!)

  • Melissa C.

    I prepare for spring by ordering my seeds for my garden. Then I get out there and weed and try to plant some pansies. We pull out the patio furniture from the garage and clean it off. I get out the shorts and short sleeve shorts in anticipation of the warm days ahead and pack away the mittens and hats. I open the windows, then soon close them ’cause we’re all sneezing! Oh, the joy of allergies!

  • Brooke

    Great review! I prepare for Spring by mousturizing my feet to be ready for flip flops, turning over the soil in my garden to get ready for seeds and cleaning out the garage so I can park my car inside and avoid the daily coat of pollen.

  • Amy

    Preparing for the spring season means going through my sons’ old clothes and figuring out who can wear what, which inevitably results in “nobody can wear anything.” And then ultimately deciding that a quick trip to H&M will be just the thing so that my 1-year old can wear an AC/DC t-shirt like he gives a flip. And if my oldest wears his clothes from last year, he will be channeling his inner Chris Robinson and look way too “hipster” shoving his 4-year old body into “skinny jeans” and “skinny shorts” and “skinny tees.” That is how I prepare for spring. By allowing my children to wear both appropriate and inappropriate clothing. The end.

  • Kristie

    I celebrate Spring’s arrival! Usually in the form of buying brightly colored cardigans and busting out the flip-flops on all possible occasions.

  • Nanette

    Well, I usually prepare for spring by getting my prescription for a nose spray & my inhaler refilled. I’m really intrigued by this OTC version, though! May have to track it down!

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