Breathing Is Nice-Similasan Review & Giveaway

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As a person who suffers from chronic sinusitis and nosebleeds (GROSS and thanks, Colorado), Spring season brings allergies, and that equals torture to my nose and eyes.

Most days it feels like I have cotton shoved up my nostrils, and let’s not talk about the sinus pressure.

I received an email to try Similasan Homeopathic Nasal Allergy Relief, a nasal mist, and I actually had a prescription nose spray in my purse I had yet to use.

Truth: Prescription nose sprays concern me. I mean, you are shooting chemicals up your nose, and that’s super close to your brain. Plus the taste grosses me right out.

Similasan’s Nasal Allergy Relief is 100% all natural, chemical and preservative free. This nasal mist offers allergy sufferers safe and effective symptomatic relief without having to worry toxic build-up or reliance, like with some OTC sprays.

It is one of the only medicated, preservative free nasal decongestants for nasal allergies available today.

I was sent some Similasan Nasal Allergy Relief mist and have been using now it for a month, and I have seen such an improvement in my ability to actually breathe out my nose. I haven’t had a nosebleed since I started using the Similasan nasal mist and my nose is actually draining, I have regained my sense of smell. I also feel super confident shooting it up my nose, and there is no funky taste.

Similasan products are all produced to the highest quality standards in Switzerland and all use only 100% Natural Active Ingredients. The Similasan Nasal Allergy Relief Mist is intended to stimulate the body’s natural ability to provide relief for your symptoms and I’m all about it.


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  • Shanett

    I prepare for spring by buying a big box of kleenex cause my allergies are out of control, smh, lol this spray will probably help me

  • Aneesa

    I prepare for Spring by going through all of my personal belongings and making note of those things that I can give away/throw away in order to live a more clutter free life.

  • Ashley Tucker

    I prepare for the spring season by deep cleaning my house.

  • Ashley Tucker!/ajoy1332/status/199894680006180864

    ajoy1332 at yahoo dot com

  • steph

    i prepare by deep cleaning!

  • steph!/DesMoinesDealin/status/200053825615310848

  • Denise L

    I like to start seeds inside to transplant in the garden when the weather permits.

  • Denise L


  • Sarah L

    I prepare for Spring by walking around the lake every day to watch the changes. I love Spring.
    Thanks for the contest.

  • Sarah L


  • angie lilly

    I prepare for spring by being sure that I have plenty of “tears” eye drops. I don’t usually get nasal allergy symptoms, but my eyes make me NUTS! On a fun note, I also start shopping for veggie seeds and flower seeds for the spring/summer growing season!

  • angie lilly

    I tweeted here:!/MsTofuFairy/status/200570607681810432

  • Debra F

    My favorite thing – What I get so excited to do all winter – to prepare for spring is to start my seeds for plants for my garden. I have a great set up in my basement and I’ve got a quite a green thumb and can start almost anything from seed to plant. I start upwards of 250 plants from seed each spring and I love to watch them sprout and grow. They are like my babies.

  • Gina M Maddox


  • Gina M Maddox

    We get ready for spring by stocking up on our allergy meds!
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  • Suniverse

    Spring cleaning. It really helps.

  • Teressa Morris

    I prepare for spring by stocking up on anthistamine, nasal saline and asthma meds.

  • LY

    Luckily I have fall allergies so all I have to do in the spring is panic about being seen in a swimsuit soon.

  • Carolsue

    I do lots of vacuuming and dusting. We haven’t found a great allergy medicine, so maybe it’s time to try Similasan!

  • SusanP

    I stock up on food grade Lavender essential oil. It’s a natural antihistamine and one drop over my sinuses or a drop in a glass of water brings relief right away. The Aroma is a bonus, and it smells great!

  • Kay M.

    We do Spring Cleaning and I also purchase a large bottle of allergy meds! Everyone in our house has allergies!

  • Jennai

    I get ready for allergy season by doing extra housecleaning and buying lots of allergy meds!

  • Mari

    We get ready for spring by cleaning our house from top to bottom.

    runningmatey at hotmail dot com

  • Mari!/LuckyDuckyToo/status/201076598622011392

  • Debbie C

    I have to take some kind of allergy med year round but in Spring and most of the Summer I have to take a higher dose. I don’t like that.


  • Debbie C

    @chrisdeglen Tweeted –!/chrisdeglen/status/201184693960458240


  • Kayce Crews

    I prepare for the Spring Season by spring cleaning my house.

  • Kayce Crews


  • Julie

    To get ready for spring,I start cleaning out the garage-too much stuff gets stored in there.Plus we prepare the ground for our garden thanks

  • Betty C

    I prepare for spring by decluttering as much as possible. I looked in a closet yesterday and thought about how many things I have that I’m not using so about half will be leaving soon. Thorough cleaning makes me feel good physically and mentally.

  • Betty C

    Tweet –!/willitara/status/201376444469882880

  • Ellie W

    I am also doing a lot of Spring cleaning/decluttering. Stowing away all of our cold weather clothing that takes up so much room. Cleaning all the windows and mini-blinds so the sun shines in.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    eswright18 at gmail dot com

  • Ellie W


    eswright18 at gmail dot com

  • Jill L

    I like to clean on the house and have a garage sale. Good way to get rid of the clothes my kids can’t wear anymore and get rid of things we don’t use anymore.

  • Jill L


  • Jammie

    We start cleaning out closets and have a big yard sale. sweepmorey at gmail dot com

  • Jammie

    I tweeted!/mommysdizzy/status/201466856052228096

  • Carmen

    Spring is the time to do a thorough spring cleaning to get all the dust out.

  • Lee

    I love to clean house especially the stuff that accumulated over the winter.

  • Finch

    I get ready for spring by getting a manicure & some new sandals.

  • e

    I have allergies so to prepare for spring I first buy lots of soft tissues!

  • ACMommy3

    We prepare for Spring by planting a garden, and cleaning house! And one thing that helps us with allergies is drinking lots of water!

  • ewhatley

    I pack away the capri’s and my one pair of closed-toe shoes.