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Zoe drew this during her free time in art class. I’ve seriously never been so proud. (And maybe a tiny bit terrified.)

by Zoe.

  • Amanda Mosler

    Being a bride myself just last weekend, I can say that this drawing is totally & completely accurate. I felt just like this during rehearsal and the wedding. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kelley

    I first I thought, “Aw, what a nice pretty dress”, then I scrolled down and laughed loudly. Awesome.

  • koreen

    It took me a moment to notice the head. I like the subtlety. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    koreen recently posted..My Own Personal Recipe For Gluten-Free FlourMy Profile

  • Gini

    I love it!

    When I made art like this in eighth grade, my teacher freaked out and asked my parents to take me to counseling. It was the stupidest thing ever. NEVER SQUELCH THE CREATIVITY, Z-DUB.
    Gini recently posted..American KneesMy Profile

  • Clarissa

    Zoe is a genius….nuff said, I hope one of mine are as awesome as her ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Shannon

    Hahaha!! LOVE it.
    Shannon recently posted..Shanterest: Ideas for the HomeMy Profile

  • marissa

    And now for a completely unrelated comment: Hey, Z, I was reading another blog, and WHOA, there’s ZOE! And I’m, like, wait- this is a knitting blog, written by an extremely talent Scottish Indie designer…what the…NO WAY…does Zdub knit and I missed the memo???!!!
    (Actually, at first I thought it was YOU, then Zoe. It’s eerie how much you two look alike.)
    You’ll have to scroll down to the 3rd book cover ‘My Grandmother’s Knitting’-

  • JB

    HILARIOUS! My computer screen stopped just below the dress….so I was thinking wow what a fabulous dress she drew on a mannequin (and it is)….then I scrolled down and my jaw went down with it. This is so funny.

  • BusyDad

    I JUST discovered this Snapshot thing you have. Where have I been??
    BusyDad recently posted..The time I painted my room with Frosted Flakes and bileMy Profile

  • Hayley

    Love the Asian eyes on the bride.

  • Marta

    No you should take one of those clip me baby one more time clothespins and hang the artwork so to make your every day
    Marta recently posted..WANTEDMy Profile

  • cally

    That’s truly awesome!
    cally recently posted..HipstaFantasticaMy Profile

  • Sarah

    hahaha… epic!
    Sarah recently posted..โ€œLeft Hereโ€ My Foot!My Profile

  • Uncle Beefy

    No words.


    Uncle Beefy recently posted..It’s not you, it’s me.My Profile

  • Andrea @ Bubblewrapp'd

    She has more awesomeness than I could ever hope to have.
    Andrea @ Bubblewrapp’d recently posted..Operation Smile, Campus Book Rentals, and a GIVEAWAY.My Profile

  • Karen

    AWESOME!!!You did a great job in here…
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