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No-Sleeping Co-Sleepers. The Saga Continues. But I Would Like This To Be The Final Chapter.

posted by on 03/16/2012

After a week or so of sleeping on his mattress on our bedroom floor, we decided it was time for Troy to graduate to his own room. My mother, Troy, and I took a field trip to Ikea and came back with Troy’s Brand New Big Boy Bed!. It was his second choice, he originally wanted a crib with the mosquito netting thing around it.

Troy and I decided to go with the Kura, a reversible loft bed.

Troy's new bed

I thought we would end up with a bunk bed, but after reading all your comments regarding the pros and cons of bunk beds, I opted for a no. You know, the comments about the bunk bed catching on fire, the top bunk crashing onto the bottom bunk, falling off them and breaking things, falling off them and needing stitches, these are all things that my children would probably do in the first week.  And by week, I mean a day.

We set up Troy’s new bed and it took us J forever. Like five hours forever because one of us doesn’t read the instructions and puts everything together backwards and wrong and has to take it apart. Once it was put together correctly and I double checked his work and made sure it was solid, we kicked both of the children out and into Troy’s room. Troy really wanted Zoe to sleep in his new bunk bed that isn’t a bunk bed and we pretended to think about it, like I was all, “Hmmm, I’m not sure if you are big enough to share a room with your sister, hmmm…” Then I said yes and they cheered and we stuffed Zoe’s mattress under that loft bed faster than you can say EVERYONE STOP CO-SLEEPING.

Now, the Kura’s recommended age is six years old.  Troy is four and a half.  Now I’m sure some people might think we are being reckless, but we have had a sit down with Troy and explained to him to use the ladder only and all about loft bed safety.


Mostly this included not to jump on the fake bunk bed.  Ever.  Because it could crash down on your sister where she sleeps on the floor like this is some sort of flophouse and we don’t want you to break your new bed because we don’t want to have to put another one together nor do we want you co-sleeping addicts back in our room FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

I’m sure some of you might be worried about Troy falling off the top, but I think that might be kinda difficult.  I mean, the side railing is almost like a safety feature.

frog overboard

I mean, amirite?

leap frog

Troy loves his new bed and he and Zoe have spent three glorious nights in their new room.  Despite the fact that his sister has her own room right down the hall.


Bonus:  No one has set anything on fire or been injured!

frog suicide


Kura + Troy + Kermy

No frogs or children were injured in the making of this blog post.  


Natural Born Kite Flyer

posted by on 03/16/2012

We flew our kite yesterday behind the house. Mostly to keep Zoe from drawing anything because I’m pretty sure sociopaths and Quentin Tarantino do not like to fly kites. Probably.