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A Health Post. Part 1287

posted by on 02/23/2012

We had Zoe’s one year diabetes check up on Tuesday. We go in to the center every three months for routine bullshit, but this appointment was for routine bullshit plus the big guns: Pump Discussion.

You see, our specialist, who FYI just got back from Spain where he was presenting important information with the rest of the specialist team regarding the closed loop system AKA the artificial pancreas, likes to wait until 12 months have gone by before presenting the insulin pump as an option. This works for me because I needed 12 months to grasp what the freak we were doing regarding direbetes.

Please note, I’m the one that needed 12 months, this does not apply to Zoe.  Zoe looks forward to her appointments because she 1. Gets to leave school early and 2. Gets to wear sparkly stuff.  She always dresses fancy to go to the center because she says “I’m fabulous, just not my pancreas”.


I don’t think all the exclamations and cartoon characters in the world could make needle jabs pleasant. Maybe I’m wrong.


Room 4

These are all over the building, I’m pretty sure we need one as well, like in the kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom, and my car.


We met with her doc and Zoe decided-FOR NOW-she does not want to pump. I think, as her working pancreas, I would definitely prefer it, but I’m not rushing her into anything. If she wants to do injections, so be it. It’s her call.



We left the appointment feeling good, her A1C (special diabetes math that I only pretend to understand) was a 7.9, pretty close to what it was three months ago.  We’ll take it.


On the way home, I let the kids pick where they wanted to eat. I call this photo Barfnoculars: Setting my sites on YOU.


Troy ate all of his spechul lunch, went into the play area and took one turn on the slide, ran out clutching his throat, and when I picked him up, he projectile vomited in my EAR, down my back, on my ponytail, all over half the dining room, and in my favorite leather knee boots.


To say it was all over the place is an understatement. With Zoe’s help, I stripped him down and wrapped him up in Zoe’s coat. A very nice employee cleaned up the mess (I offered repeatedly because OMFG) and they even offered to replace his meal. I took a pass on that one.

I much expect anything from my children, I mean ANYTHING, but this one threw me, man.  I drove home with vomit in my hair while Troy was passed out in the backseat, naked in Zoe’s coat.  It’s just like college, except not as fun.

Good news, it wasn’t the stomach flu or it was and was just the kind that makes you barf twice in a restaurant all over your mother, and he was fine after watching two movies in my bed.


And that was Tuesday. Motherhood: There’s a whole lot of barf. And fabulousness.


3, 4, Better Lock Your Door

posted by on 02/23/2012

A little boy in Zoe’s class reached out to her with this sentimental offering and when I saw it my first thought was “Why does Freddy Krueger have a lightsaber?”.

scary mofo