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Remember how I was all, “Oh, we are fine over here, just fine, no illness or trauma, nothing to see here!” and then I had to work 25 hours this weekend and I felt like hammered dog shit (technical medical term) and then on Monday I could barely get out of bed and Zoe was home from school and she was all, “But you promised we would go see Star Wars in 3D” and my head hurt so incredibly bad that I couldn’t see light and I was pretty sure it was a brain tumor?

It was all I could do to load the kids up into the truck and drive over to Urgent Care. I probably should have gone oh, say weeks ago, but every time I’m sick I’m convinced it is terminal. This might stem from the fact that the doctors thought my dad had a kidney infection and then surprise! it’s cancer of the pancreas.

Turns out, it’s a sinus infection. But! The doctor did say it was nastiest infection he’s seen in awhile and it was making my eardrums bulge. He also reminded me that doctors are our friends and I’m not going to receive a Hero Reward for walking around sick.

Duly noted.

He wrote me a script for a ear drops, nose spray, and ten day supply of antibiotics, which I hate taking, but I know will work. As a added bonus, the medicine will also give me a raging yeast infection just in time for my trip to Nashville. Score!

And to take yesterday to a whole other level of shitastic, the room we were in while I was at Urgent Care? It was the same room we were in a year ago when Zoe was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes. This fun fact escaped me, but Zoe pointed it because she remembered the artwork on the wall.


Diabetes, and sinus infections, and yeast infections! OH, MY!

  • Lisa E

    Hope you feel better soon.
    Lisa E recently posted..Wednesday FunMy Profile

  • Michelle

    That all sounds horrible. Eat your yogurt or take probiotics or whatever to fight the yeast beast and feel better soon!
    Michelle recently posted..Is it spring yet?My Profile

  • Chris (wonderchris)

    You did get your Urgent Care Christmas card last year, yes? At this point you are part of the family.

    Sucky about the infectionS!! No fun at all.

    Feel better soon!
    Chris (wonderchris) recently posted..One a crying scale of 1 to 10 – giraffes put me to 11….My Profile

  • Michelle

    That blows. Hit up the yogurt now.
    Michelle recently posted..3 Day Weekend.My Profile

  • jill k

    Sounds weird but stick a clove of fresh garlic ‘up there’ also apply yogurt to the inside outside, wear a panty liner. It’ll help with the irritation.

  • Issa

    Yogurt. Lots of yogurt.

    I’m glad you went though. Can’t imagine how much flying would have hurt if you hadn’t gone in.
    Issa recently posted..I’d fail at being a Dance Mom anywayMy Profile

  • Marta

    I absolutely feel for you! I ALWAYS get yeast infections when getting the antibiotic 🙂 and oh this SUCKS!! Hopefully those budding suckers will stay away from you. ave a quick recovery!
    Marta recently posted..Hadley’s Playground at Falls Road Local ParkMy Profile

  • Rebecca

    what is it with doc offices and psychotic art on the walls? hope you’re feeling a bit better. 🙂

  • missloopy

    i always demand a diflucan rx with my antibiotics. i take the probiotics and hope for the best, but i feel much safer with the pill at the ready to take as soon as i’m itchy.

    also, if you don’t mind being a tad um… herbal smelling?… a few drops of tea tree oil on a tampon will put all those yeasty bastards in their place. just change it out every 6 hours or so.

    i know entirely too much about this… and the over the counter topical meds burn like fire on me.

  • Krëg

    That blows.
    Here listen to this. Might cheer you up.

  • Ashley Taylor

    Sinus infections and altitude do not mix.
    Or is it sinus infections and alcohol?
    I can never remember.
    Either way, I hope you feel better soon.
    And I hope that you made note of that Urgent Care room number so that next time you can request a different room.
    I am full of good advice. I am a giver.
    Ashley Taylor recently posted..Everyone Wish My Hubby a Happy BirthdayMy Profile

  • Andrea @ Bubblewrapp'd

    UGH! Sinus infections are awful! I had a couple that knocked me on my ass last year, and I was not a fan.

    As for yeast infections… I know them well. And they make me super crabby. I hope you can avoid that part of the awfulness somehow. Have you tried acidophilus while on antibiotics?
    Andrea @ Bubblewrapp’d recently posted..Shop Stuff!My Profile

  • koreen

    garlic clove up the hoochie will burn. not that I know. (ahem.)

    probiotic pills are the best, and don’t be afraid to DEMAND diflucan from the doctor. it’s a girl’s best friend. beats out diamonds to no end.

    also, daily oregano oil, plain yoghurt and real unpasteurized local honey. eaten, not shoved up the hoo-haw.

    I went through this last year and I swear to god by this.

    and then when it’s all over? a 24. or a 6 pack of wine. your choice.
    koreen recently posted..Life Is Good AgainMy Profile

  • BusyDad

    I just spent 20 min catching up on all the posts I’ve missed because, you know, I have to know what you’re up to and stuff. But then I read this and remembered I’m seeing you in a couple days! I could have learned all this in person, well except the yeast infection thing. We probably might have left that out.
    BusyDad recently posted..AdaptingMy Profile

  • Elaine

    Well, i mean at least you’re not planning on having any S.E.X. while in Nashville, right? ;-P

    Sorry darlin’. Hope you’re feeling ship-shape for the trip!
    Elaine recently posted..Everybody Loves a Mardi Gras ParadeMy Profile

  • Cally

    Hope you’re ok now. What a pain in the ass. Hope you get to SW3D AND Nashville and come out all sparkly!
    Cally recently posted..Blue…My Profile

  • Kelly @ D2BD

    Now you have me worried I have a sinus infection… blerg! My head has been a hot mess for 2 days now… guess it’s off to Urgent care for me soon. I hope you’re not all itchy in the Music City and are able to enjoy yourself!!! 🙂
    Kelly @ D2BD recently wednesday: bridal party and ceremonyMy Profile

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